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  1. VerlekarSachin

    Best Android Smartphone under 10000 (August 2021)

    Guys i need a suggestion from you'll for the best smartphone strictly under 10k. I want to purchase from Amazon and i wanted to exchange my old redmi phone. I shortlisted POCO M3, Redmi 9 Power & Samsung Galaxy F12. Off course I know Both poco and redmi specs are similar except the wide lens...
  2. sidspark

    Suggest best smartphone between Inr 10k-12k

    hello I am purchasing my first smartphone so plese help me with it. budget : Inr 10k-12k screen size : 4.5 and greater OS : Android and windows prefered brand : any Ram : 1gb and greater internal memory : 4gb and greater camera : 8mp or greater purpose : Internet,moderste...
  3. sidspark

    10k-12k smartphone buying advice 2014

    hello I need to buy my first smartphone so plese help me with it. I will be buying the phone at the end of the month January 2014 prefered specs budget : 10k-12k OS : Android and Windows Ram : 1gb or greater Inbuilt storage : 4gb or greater camera : 8mp or greater edge,3g,wifi,wifi hotspot good...
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