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    i5 6500 vs i5 6600k for gaming?

    Hello guys! So I am planning to build a pc in the next month or two and I was wondering how vital is overclocking for gaming performance and does it really give a major difference? I mean will the i5 6500 stay relevant for another 2-3 years down the line? Additional info - I am planning...
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    [VIDEO] 1080p Overkill Gaming Build ft. GTX 1070 & Skylake i7 ($1,150/Rs. 1,00,000)

    Hey guys! We started to make a Tech YouTube channel and decided to feature one our own builds in it. It truly is a gaming beast and overkill for 1080p gaming on all of today's latest titles. it features a GTX 1070 Founders edition which is a beast of a card and a Micro-Atx mobo to fit a small...
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