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    Where do you guys buy domains from?

    Namecheap prices are better than GoDaddy ?
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    I am using Honor band 5 from last 3 yrs and still pretty good. I like its SpO2 feature :)
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    Need 4K TV 55" Budget 50K-60K

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    GPU NEWS Channel

    Nvidia’s latest driver brings DLSS support to 28 new games
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    What was it like before Android/4G?

    Haha..Limewire was notorious for infecting user PC with Viruses/Worms
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    The SHOWOFF Thread

    I had huge Fascination on Fishes as a Child. Bought some small fishes to be kept in a Jar. But they all died next morning due to the fact that the Water was Tap water.
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    All TV Shows / Miniseries Related Discussions Here

    I prefer any Series (On Air/Completed) as long as the Series is a good Entertainer.
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    ^^Isn't the name inspired from Ghost busters ?
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    The SHOWOFF Thread

    This is a good read on Aquarium Bob's Tropical Fish: Water and Water Quality
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    The SHOWOFF Thread

    Need Red pill also to make it a Resurrection in KR Style :D @rockfella : My eyes bleed when the page bombed with High resolution images. Kindly use Spoiler tags.
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    What was it like before Android/4G?

    I had MTNL phone line and when I got my 1st PC in 2005 for around 35K (P4 2.4Ghz, 128Mb RAM, 40GB HDD Windows XP Home) was n00b about RAM size. Thought of connecting Dial-up modem and after multiple failed attempted the internet was connected, was SUPER HAPPY to see Google Search page load (I...
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    Need 4K TV 55" Budget 50K-60K

    Don't worry about online order as it depends on Seller. You will get a SMS from Vu after the order date and I think Installation completion time is 72hrs. Don't open the box even if you want to do the Table mount. As if there is any defect it won't be covered by Company. So, open the box only...
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    Need 4K TV 55" Budget 50K-60K

    Amazon. Seller was Cloudtail. I bought this one Buying online is no problem. Warranty is valid and you...
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    Need 4K TV 55" Budget 50K-60K

    That's why I bought Vu. After intensive research on TV(s) found Vu to be the best in segment matching all the needed feature in a budget. paying less than 50K for a TV which will last around 5yrs is a great deal IMHO. You can buy the HiSense model as they use the same panel in Vu. but after...
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    'Gaming Disorder' officially recognised as a disease

    ^^Depends on the game type also. Playing only GTA doesn't help in improving. But playing Strategy, Puzzle solving, EQ, IQ games does help a lot.
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