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    Post your latest Purchase

    ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting Purchased Samsung Galaxy Player 70 32GB white version..............
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    what are these files.

    You can use Process Explorer to see the icon(if you can recognize by icon) or by the company name. It's easy to identify a legitimate process this way. If you want to know the path its running from, just point the process with your mouse cursor and it'll show the path, or you can see the...
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    explorer.exe terminating....system slow...

    boot your pc with xp cd go to recovery console by pressing R run this command for drive c:(assuming OS is installed in c: drive) chkdsk c: /r /p you can repeat this process and better if you run this command for all other drives. Since pc spec is low install only softwares you really need...
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    Recover data using Bootable EASEUS CD!

    Not exactly a tutorial but it may help many. Download EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 4.3.6 Full Version Giveaway from this link http://www.easeus.com/giveaways/drw/ (still active) and follow instructions to create bootable data recovery cd from this link...
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    If those doesn't solve problem, then use these Malwarebytes anti-malware 1.44(full scan) Combofix(turn off kaspersky when using this) GMER (antirootkit tool) Rootrepeal (antirootkit tool) UnhackMe (antirootkit tool) TDSSKiller(Kaspersky TDSS rootkit removal tool) that tdss...
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    monitor goes blank while gaming!!!

    I have a problem while playing certain games. when i reach certain areas of certain games my monitor goes blank but the game seems to be still running. I can hear gunshots or dialogues but the monitor seems like turned off but the led of monitor blinks continuously. Then i have no other...
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    unable to empty Recycle Bin!!!

    I an unable to empty my recycle bin. although i right click and click on Empty recycle bin ,it doesn't get emptied. also used ccleaner but same problem. what may be the solution guys??? Also every time i start pc ,a desktop.ini opens up. how to get rid of this?
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    need a PMP!!!

    Guys plz recommend the best PMP I can get for 5.5 to 6k. I'll be buying tomorrow. need excellent sound quality and long battery life with voice recording and gud fm reception and available easily and expandability if available. i looked at some models like Creative zen 4gb, Cowon iAudio U5 4gb...
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    Citrix autorun.inf killer

    I have personally used CPE17 AntiAutorun 1330 and Autorun Eater 2.2 and was really satisfied with the 1st one i.e. CPE17 AntiAutorun. and would recommend to all those who frequently connect pen drives, memory card readers and mp3 players to their PCs. It not only deletes the autorun.inf files...
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    How do i rectify this. [Image Included]

    Use WinRAR to view the drive and it will show all hidden files as well. Delete autorun.inf files from the root of every local and removable drive and restart PC. Else you can also use program like Free Commander and it will show all hidden files. Gud luck!
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    Auto Shutdown

    Have you tried DShutdown? get it at http://digilander.libero.it/dimio/dshutdown.zip
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    unlocker problem!!!!

    hi guys! My usb drive locks often these days and whenever i try to unlock(by right clicking) with unlocker(installed on my pc) it gives error message. "Error Debug Privileges" followed by a link to unlocker website. How do i solve this? Reinstalling did not solve. Also will it harm my usb drive...
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    hide folders not visible????

    As Batistabomb said goto the SHOWALL key and on the right side make sure the 'type' of CheckedValue is REG_DWORD. Usually the virus changes this too. So first delete this old 'CheckedValue' and create a new 'CheckedValue' of type 'REG_DWORD' and give value of 1.
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    any USB write protect software?

    Hey guys do any one of you know of any software we can use to write portect our USB drives? So that wherever we take and plug our USB,nothing can be copied, moved to and from the USB drive before we change the setting. Coz i am fed up of cleaning this Autorun.inf and other VBS scripts or viruses...
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    Virus Infection.....Please help

    Hey GeekyBoy , you are into serious trouble. Several months ago I faced the same problem. My PC was infected with this Virut virus which slowly infects all exe files from your PC. I had to format my PC 4 times only realizing at last that my audio driver's exe file was infected too. It took me 2...
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