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  1. whoopy_whale

    Progress bar using JpGraph

    Thanx for the help... It's true that Jpgraph is used to generate graphs...Creating bar graphs is just one feature of this package.I was just thinking to create a horizontal bar graph and use it as a progress meter :) What I really want is a way to graphically depict the total number of...
  2. whoopy_whale

    Progress bar using JpGraph

    Can anyone please tell me how to create a progress bar using Jpgraph in my php pages?
  3. whoopy_whale

    C++:Adding two numbers

    Don.t forget to add the main() function too... :o #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> void main() { clrscr(); int a,b; cin>>a>>b; cout<<a+b; getch(); }
  4. whoopy_whale

    Changing label text using javascript

    Thanx buddy...
  5. whoopy_whale

    Changing label text using javascript

    Please suggest me a way to change a label text using javascript. I have a form with some input elemnts in it. Whenever the user makes an input into a particular text field,that input should reflect as the text inside the <label> tag... How can I do it? Help plz...
  6. whoopy_whale

    Himesh's new role in Bollywood

    That's true...! :D
  7. whoopy_whale

    Himesh's new role in Bollywood

    Exactly...! He sucks big time....I can't stand his howling...
  8. whoopy_whale

    Danger of "Ctrl + C" while browsing internet

    I'm using IE in office and yeah,my clipboard contents were retrieved and displayed on that site... :(
  9. whoopy_whale

    Best Programming Language

    How can you define the best programming language? Depending upon the requirements,your choice of language will also differ,right?
  10. whoopy_whale

    converting to AAC .

    Go to http://media-convert.com/ You can convert your MP3 files to AAC for free using this online converter...
  11. whoopy_whale

    3GP converter

    Go to http://media-convert.com/ It's an online file converter,completely free... The video formats supported are 3GP AMV ASF AVI DV FLI FLV GVI MKV MOV MP4 MPG OGM RM SWF VOB WMV. Movie conversion to AVI (DivX MPEG4), 3GP, SWF (Flash), AMV (for Chinese MP4/S1 MP3 players), MPEG2, MOV, MP4...
  12. whoopy_whale

    MeGa LiSt Of SiTeS ::All Free Free Free::| Have A Look HERE

    Wow........! Great collection....thanx...
  13. whoopy_whale

    Registering flash control

    Thanx for the help,Vishal.... There is a file Flash8.ocx in this folder...I tried to run the command and got the same error but with a different return code. I can't install the latest version 'coz I don't have admin rights. :(
  14. whoopy_whale

    Registering flash control

    I tried it but I got this error... The file name is flash.ocx itself... :(
  15. whoopy_whale

    Registering flash control

    I was able to open powerpoint files with flash embedded in it without a problem all these days. But from today it says that the control is not registered in my system. How can I manually register it? I don't have administrative rights,so I can't install it from adobe.com But flash files...
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