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    How much can I sell my old stuff for?

    Approx 6-6.5k
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    [Query] Warranty for FSP Saga II

    I had mailed to FSP, for which I got reply saying its out of warranty and have to send the unit to their Delhi address for repairs. Instead of this I too approached Prime and they had offered Corsair VS450 for Rs.1000 extra with full 3 years warranty.
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    [Query] Warranty for FSP Saga II

    Did you get it RMA-ed ? I too have one to RMA for my friend.
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    [Complaint] Horrible experiences with Accel/Gigabyte

    Hello folks, In this thread I would like to share my experience with Accel which manages RMA for Gigabyte. A year & half ago, when building my new AMD rig, I chose motherboard from Gigabyte as after sales service was quite good compared to others. Instant refurbished replacements were...
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    [Solved] AIRTEL balance deduction... how to get my money back :(

    Re: I was cheated by AIRTEL ..they are crooks no to get my money back :( You are missing Samsung USB drivers on your PC. Download it from here
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    BJP is tearing apart - LK Advani quits BJP

    Moves from LK Advani are childish IMO. First not attending Goa Conclave and now resigning from BJP. He seems to have forgotten what had happened in last election. Instead he could have earned some respect by retiring himself and being just an ad-visor to the paty, as he is veteran and founder of...
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    Ipad mini or Nexus 7

    One must be clear about his/her usage and needs when buying anything. In the world there always going to be X device which is not having feature of Y device. But you yourself are best judge if you need that feature. If one device can do things which you want then there is no other better device...
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    WD 1TB Green WD10EADS

    Sold. Thanks Mods please close the thread.
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    WD 1TB Green WD10EADS

    Thanks !! :-)
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    WD 1TB Green WD10EADS

    Product Name: WD 1TB Green - WD10EADS Expected Price: Rs 3000 shipped Shipping charges: Included Description if any: This is sealed pack drive received from RMA. It is Recertified drive. Reason for Sale: Upgraded to 2TB Red Product condition: out 10 of 10 Purchase Date: September 2009 Remaining...
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    Need help passing B.Tech. Subjects (backlogs) in a very short time

    Well, same with me so we are also one of that kind. What I would suggest you to try and make story of your understanding to remember. Like we do here on forums. For example suppose question is "I need to buy a laptop. Which one should I buy ?". First question comes in our mind is why do we need...
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    CFA : Should I do or not ?

    Hello, Currently I m on horizon of completing first year of my MBA program from one of the top college in Mumbai University. I m going to opt for Finance as a specialization. Final placement season would be in Dec-13/Jan-14. Giving me around 7/7.5 months of time. In this time I want to make...
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    Help for Research Project - Google Form

    Thanks bro :-)
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    Help for Research Project - Google Form

    Thanks guys.. @Shah: Taking note of it..
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    Help for Research Project - Google Form

    Thanks buddy
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