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    Recovery Drive for my Windows 10

    No. I have upgraded from Windows 7 to windows 10
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    Recovery Drive for my Windows 10

    Yes. It is ACER laptop
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    Recovery Drive for my Windows 10

    I have been waiting for more than 10 hours now for my recovery drive operation/creation completed in my windows 10. Still the message "Please Wait" is there and the operation going on. Yesterday also it happened. How much time normally it will take?
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    Windows 10 - GP service issue on logon

    I have not done anything. Suddenly the notification referred by me has stopped for two days now
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    Windows 10 - GP service issue on logon

    Not working for Windows 10. This method.
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    Windows 10 - GP service issue on logon

    I have recently upgraded my laptop to windows 10. Fine. But for the past 10 days, I am getting the following notification, whenever the laptop boots. "Failed to connect to window service. Could not connect to Group policy client service." etc. Whether the above position is a hindrance to my...
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    To add music to my photo/tour albums in Picasa

    I have some video/photo albums taken during my trip abroad. I want to add some background music to be heard, when I see the slides of the album. How to do it? The albums are stored in Picasa.
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    Indian Rupee gets a symbol

    I have downloaded it in my system. Now it is available in my FONTS folder. Can I make it prefixed, when I type any amount in Indian Rupees. Any way?
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    About Broadband connection , which is better?

    I am using BSNL BroadBand for about 2 years. I am happy with it. No major problem. BSNL also have a fortnight from today for marketing their products. My vote for BSNL
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    Thackeray taking on Sachin.

    It is really shame on every Indian. First it was Raj Thakerey against the SP MLA. Now the target is Sachin. Glad BCCI has given a fitting rejoinder to the Samna article
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    David Shepherd, 68, succumbs to cancer

    Oh. That is a very sad news. We remember Shepherd for his forthright umpiring and pleasing manners. How can one forget his one legged stance when the score stood at 111?
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    Judge bans Microsoft Word sales

    That is great news. Let us see how Microsoft reacts
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    need UPS which brand??

    Sorry for the delay. It was Rs.1800/- Working nicely.
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    IT exemption limits raised by Rs.10000

    But what about the Fringe Benefit Tax withdrawn for the employers and added on to the employees. Tax on many items including the ESOP will definitely hit hard the working people. A further notification as to what are all the...
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    Most likely Indian pricing of Windows 7

    I agree.Let us wait and see. The Budget yesterday gas given hopes that OS can be cheaper. The ball in the Microsoft's court.
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