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    Suggest a 250gb SSD

    Thanks for the reply Both of you ( sorry about late reply actually i'm out of town for 2 days) yeah i checked online both selected ssd has dram less controllers . So i can't extend my budget (firstly i want to buy 120gb one costs around 1500-1600,but checking online prices 240 gb costs around...
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    Suggest a 250gb SSD

    I need to purchase an 240gb SSD for my Asus h97 m-e motherboard for general use only (OS & Software's) no gaming. H97M-E | Motherboards | ASUS India Plz suggest durable and cheap. My budget is Rs. 2500/- ( can't spend more) I have selected these 2 ssd's & they are in my budget :-...
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    [For Sale] i5 4460 with one year manufacturer warranty

    How much u pay for used i7 4770 .
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    AORUS H370 Gaming 3 WiFi Review

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    AORUS H370 Gaming 3 WiFi Review

    Excellent Review dude. :clap2::clap2::doogone: But u tell me why the Ram is running on 2127 mhz. in stead of 3000 mhz mentiond above.
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    Graphics Card Unavailablity!

    Baap re baap Itna. Is saal to bhul jao ki Graphic Card theek rate par milega.:wah::wah:
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    Which upcoming movie are you excited to watch....?

    Both Black Panther & Avengers : Infinity War:clap2::doublethumb::bananana::hyper:
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    15 most-awaited smartphones of 2018

    Good List...:clap2::+1:
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    Graphics Card Unavailablity!

    Same here.Bro even online retailers don't have too much stock. I was saving money for Nvidia Gtx 1060 for my pc. Now prices are to high now near 30k~ for 6gb model. Dammm Miners, Completely ruining the GPU Market.:aaargh::bandanafighter:
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    Any software to check the Laptop Fan speed?

    Also, Check this. HWMONITOR | Softwares | CPUID
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    Meltdown & Spectre patch Discussion

    doesany one face any problem regarding this Meltdown + Spectre in their pc.
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    PC Build under 55K

    Bro , Plz post the link of ram , where do you get this ram in Rs.5500/- or It's local store rate.
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    24" gaming monitor under 15k budget

    Dude , i said also try this not saying better. Just give more options. Try Local Market rates also. Lg MP68VQ is also good.
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    Gaming Rig suggestion Under 50k

    All the prices are included Gst or not . Plz Check first. Which model is he mentioned single fan or dual fan . That's a very good price of 6gb model.
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