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    Need Software to mount .vmdk File

    i think u can convert it by using acronis true image or sun virtualbox or acronis backup and recovery...try out those....
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    Windows 7, Sound driver Problem.. Please help me out

    or else if u have internet connected to tht system, u can select to search drivers in tht device manager..
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    Help me to protect my external hard disk..

    to protect ur data, u can use is a good encrypting software....
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    not able to delete

    Give your user account the administrator rights...or reset the admin rights on the files in ur pc in the security option...
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    HDD problem and doubt !!

    trial version papplications dont give full functionality.....try with some other applications or try hiren boot cd utilities...
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    5.1 Speakers under 5k

    i think u can go with Creative basic one.....or navtech, genius..... navtech and genius , u will get within 3500/-
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