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    Halo Infinite

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    Dead Space Remake

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    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    Finished Metal Hellsinger. If Doom was a rhythm game, this would be it. Very short game. Available on gamepass. Banger of a Soundtrack. Recommended for all Metalheads.
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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Got the GPU down to 1440MHz @800mV stable. Temps have gone down 5-6 degrees. No significant change in performance. For now haven't gone under that, will try getting it down some more later and see.
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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    So the max clock speed for the 3050 is 1530MHz base and 1740MHz boost at 80W according to here Running a benchmark: So I'm to change the curve to run stable at 1600MHz or at the base clock @875mV?
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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Update: Got the replacement Motherboard for my laptop today, and everything working fine for now. I'm gonna put the problem as a faulty part/motherboard, but the problem occurring after 9 months of heavy gaming use I am feeling a little skeptical if it could happen again. Temperatures during...
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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Visited the Acer service center after raising a service request (Customer Care was terrible). They did their diagnostics, un-install/re-install the drivers but no good. Told me it would be a full Motherboard replacement. Will take a few days for the board to come. Oh well no gaming for a few days.
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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Used DDU in safe mode to remove the nvidia driver and did a clean install. Still the same issue as above. Using Ubuntu, it does detect the card.
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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Need some urgent help Was playing a game on my laptop (Acer Nitro 5 with RTX 3050), and after quitting the system just froze for a min and later got a BSOD with this error Video TDR Failure (NVLDDMKM.SYS) The system restarted on its own and now running any game they start with very low fps...
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    Diablo IV

    What are the What are the chances of getting a closed beta key on this for those having registered?
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Only just received it yesterday. But after full charge lost ~20% charge in last 12 hours. So I suppose good for maybe 2+ days. This is with Heart Rate measurement every 10 min, WiFi on, GPS off, Sleep SpO2 monitoring, Installing some apps. Charging is slow, but then again wireless charging isn't...
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Another Samsung purchase, this time to replace my near 4 year old Samsung Gear S2 Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - ₹9200
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    Need for Speed Unbound

    Exactly. But I wish for a proper remaster of the 2005 Most Wanted. Best NFS game I played.
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Yeah I saw this after buying my new Samsung phone. But its mostly for old phones. My phone's manufacturing date is Aug '22 so nothing to worry about :Fingerx:
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