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  • Hey tkin, so which company you finally decided to join? Already finalized posting in Hyderbad? Gee I envy you mate, you are gonna start enjoying 10mbps connection soon after landing there lol and not to forget Hyderbad biriyani :D

    I didn't join Wipro in September when the DOJ was given and chose to wait for Cognizant. Now CTS is making me regret it. Still waiting for the call and they haven't given any information on tentative date in the last 8 months. What a waste of time yaar :(
    seating problem is in kolkata. I dont know how it is in other places.
    From what I hear tcs bench is the best time to prepared for higher studies or alternative jobs. :p
    Daily reporting depends on your rmg.
    There is no waste of electricity though. Most people in bench dont have a place to sit, leave alone a system. You wander around the whole place, reception, library, food court, etc.
    Helps a lot if you have a good/cheap place to hangout near your office.
    Yeah, bench is a waste of time. I went to office 2-3 days a week for the initial few weeks i was in bench.
    Request your hr/rmg here if there is any vacancy in kolkata. There isnt much work in kolkata, but its better to stay near home when on bench.
    They inform you of vacancies in other location. If you clear the interview (telephonic), they deport you to that location for that project.
    Yeah, do that. Oil the RMG guy also. They can find vacancies anywhere based on your skill set.
    Okay, I thought you were already in. :p
    Anyway, its best to do your homework now. Transfering is not a problem if you are on bench.
    Are you office now ? PM me your emp id. Easier to chat in sametime than here.
    I switched to tcs, kolkata. Was in Infy before.
    Find people(your batch) in kolkata willing to shift to Hyd. Swap with them. If you get into a prj in Hyd, you are stuck there for a while.
    RMA er location peye giechhi.
    Acro Engineering, Bow street. Replace kore debe, tobe time lagbe, as E30 isn't in stock.

    P.S.S. joining date pai ni.. :p
    Amar Soundmagic E30 er ekta earbud die sound aschhe na.
    RMA time.
    Tui tor soundmagic er RMA koriechhis? Need info about the place & procedure. :p
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