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    the FOOTBALL channel

    I kinda hoped Chelsea wouldnt win the Champions League. Because only then would the long-term problems facing the squad would be addressed. The squad then was old, completely mismanaged and had created a rift involving the coach with the players (top players like Lampard and Cole included). We...
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    Yeah, going back to my roots :p Honestly, Twitter has become such a clusterfvck right now I think I'll go back to using forums for my daily dose of news and tech. ico and co have made things a whole lot smoother here compared to when I left a few years ago.
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    I'm expecting both Bayern and Barca to rush to Chelsea for tips and strategies before the next cup tie :p :D
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    Abusive Teacher

    Arsenal_Gunner and Faun ought to be on Twitter. Dear OP, you're 21. Man up. I've heard profs use far more colourful language than the one you just described.
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    hahaha niaaa
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    Friends i need you 2-3 Mins

    Why ban something you dont like? :| By that logic we must ban The Oatmeal right away as the writer also wrote this post about the 'truth about India'. If you dont like what you see, ignore. Easy as that.
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    To be honest, Guardiola looks like a complete pussy choosing to quit in the year Barca arent winning substantial trophies. Most managers would be upset, but take it up as a challenge to improve next season.
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    All Metalheads here

    Someone wanted a post-rock band with no vocals? Try Red Sparowes
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    I didnt ze the incident, was following text feeds though. Unanticipated result, but of course we'll take the win. Something about interim managers at Chelsea somehow brings the squad together (first Guus, now RDM) Cant rest easy though, this squad is a shadow of the 2009 team, and that team...
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    IITs have lost old sheen, says Narayana Murthy

    IIT never had any sheen to begin with. I attended a day of Techfest, and to be perfectly frank, had this been a developed nation, every freakin' engineering college would be exactly like IIT Bombay, if not better. All IIT enjoys is a fat pay package and a remarkably high social status. Both are...
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    ^^ That thought is scarier :| Having said that, I wonder why we didnt sell Terry when Citeh came knocking 2 years ago :(
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    Sell Terry!
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    250MB Space + 2.5GB Transfer for Rs12/month!!!

    Check PM!
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    Engineering Education in India

    Having passed a year of engineering, I can finally say the damn course is a farce.
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    Historical events in Thinkdigit forum!!!

    Re: Historical events in Thinkdigit forum!!!11 Anyone remember's eggman's flame wars with a *certain* mod on this forum? :D
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