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  1. the_moon

    HP Customer Service Blues!

    They suck @ this planet only, having a service center @ The Moon is a distant reality for them! Anyways, still haven't been able to get in touch with any of the CC Rep! They Really suck here in Delhi!
  2. the_moon

    HP Customer Service Blues!

    This is to share my plight as an HP Notebook User with all th members of this forum. I have this HP Notebook that has a 3 yr on-site warranty. Recently I started facing problems with my AC adapter & consequently called up the customer care which promised me to replace it within 3 working...
  3. the_moon

    "ASTROLOGY" - A big Bluff Game - Researchers !!

    Well, I believe there certainly is a superpower Whom we call God. God & Science don't contradict, infact it all complements th other. Th vedas were so scientific, all the old traditions have some scientific root to them (exclude yagyas to please god for selfish motives). Th problem lies with out...
  4. the_moon

    Which language should i learn?

    I suggest Spanish. Spanish is the most widely spoken lang after Eng globally. Learn Spanish, its very interesting believe me, Fun too! Have a look, http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0775272.html
  5. the_moon

    how to e-mail a pic and not link of it?

    Exactly, Make a small html page, insert th image in it & open it in a browser, then drag the image to ur Mail window.
  6. the_moon

    "ASTROLOGY" - A big Bluff Game - Researchers !!

    Definitely dude, not all can & should have the same mind set & thats th reason I suggest that even if u "prove any points" here, ppl will have their own mindsets as every one has his/her own personal experiences backing their beliefs. Personally I too don't believe in Astrology at all, but if...
  7. the_moon

    TV Shows Recommended By Digitians

    Even I like watching Roadies, its really good compared to all the reality series going on air!
  8. the_moon

    Photographs in Perfect Timing

    Yeah, th Kung Fu Kitty & Humpty Dumpty are cute. Th Bike accident was Sad! Good pics overall!
  9. the_moon

    "ASTROLOGY" - A big Bluff Game - Researchers !!

    oh! Throw a match stick & it burns like wildfire here in this forum! Sometimes its so distressing to see that educated ppl like us refuse to respect each other's opinions & take no time getting into personal tug o'wars! Every topic has th same story! No wonder we have Chappal fights in th...
  10. the_moon

    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1: The Return to the Mystique !!!

    Seems good. The things lacking are a good camera (5 MP or more) & a good music player. I might dispose of my Nokia N95 to buy this if it gains momentum!!
  11. the_moon

    SpaceTime: Now the search goes 3D

    Great! I liked it.
  12. the_moon

    good site for IQ or Aptitute test

    I got 129. Is this some relative index?? How much can be th max, any idea?!
  13. the_moon

    Should stray dogs be killed or not?

    And we deviate from th topic :)
  14. the_moon


    My PC gets on stand-by mode in the middle of anything, anytime... whenevr it feels like!! Can anybody help?!
  15. the_moon

    How can we save flash n youtube videos ?

    Though Googling for th topic yields many efficient results, I use this one.
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