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  • nope. you posted in chit chat section quite a bit and those posts are not included in post count. thats why.
    My mobile has gone for repairing beacuse of some weird Speaker problem (duh Motorola) , you can ask me here . I havent talked to any of my friends for past week and a half cause of that mobile . :(

    You can PM me here at TDF .

    I have sent you a PM.
    Well known computers quoted 12.5k for i5 2500k. They keep only intel mobos. They keep gfx crds also but only the cheaper ones. Expensive ones can be ordered.
    BTW, can you PM me your mobile number. Need some gfx card related advice.
    it should be 13.5k for i5 2500k but if it is 17.5k they must have gone nuts :p

    BTW , Flipkart is having i5 2500k for Rs.12,826 (Prices are inclusive of all taxes) which is great considering that Cash on Delivery is also an option.
    hey , if you go in any of the shops (well known computers ,Techno serva) can you please confirm the prices of these component for me:
    Core i7 2600k
    GA-Z68XP-UD3P / MSI Z68A G45
    AMD HD 6950 2GB (MSI/Sapphire )
    500 GB HDD (Seagate / WD Blue)
    and a Good Mid-Tower Cabinet at 5-5.5k (CM 690 II advanced , Carbide 400r)

    No problem. Yes he deal with Asus and giga both. Also try with others vendor to confirm the rate.
    Well known Computers, Techno serva front of Gurudev place, There is a guy name prasant who mainly deal in AMD, his shop also situated in somdutt plaza in 3 floor.

    BTW I'm not studying any in school or college or university:mrgreen:. I already done my Master in 2011.
    Power color is good but if you can find cards from MSI, Sapphire or Asus around the same range, get them.
    I read somewhere that Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3R has 8 CPU power phases while GA-Z68XP-UD3P has 12 CPU power phases. Will there be any difficulty in OCing on UD3R(when compared to UD3P) ?
    Is there UEFI BIOS on UD3R and UD3P ?
    Also, visit following link -

    The flipkart people are showing UD3R as UD3. Really Strange !
    in mATX things are really closed pack. like sata ports are packed in a bunch directly opposite the PCIe slot, the ram slots in certain boards are close to the processor slow so there can be problem using a dual fan cooler.

    well go for a full ATX one. i think others have already suggested you some descent boards in your thread.
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