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    Require mobile-Budget 40k max

    Why don't you go for one plus3T(very much under the range) Or you can also go for Galaxy S7
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    Smartphone under 15k

    Thank you.....But what do you say about G5S? and when will it be available?
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    Smartphone under 15k

    Hey, can anyone suggest me some awesome phone under 15k.? No special requirements except it should be smooth in functioning.
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    Need to buy phone today or tomorrow

    Go for redmi note 4 *MOD EDIT: Self promotion links are not allowed
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    Need to buy phone today or tomorrow

    That's is best phones under 10000 in 2017 1-The Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus 2-Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime 3-Lenovo Vibe P1M 4-Meizu M3s 5-Moto E3 Power
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    Android phone under 9K Urgent !!!

    Best Phone under 9000 in India 1-The Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus 5-inch 2GB 2-Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime 5-inch 3GB 3-Lenovo Vibe P1M 5-inch 2GB 4-Meizu M3s 5-inch 2GB 5-Moto E3 Power 5-inch 2GB 6-Samsung On7 Pro 5.5-inch 2GB 7-Samsung on5 5-inch 1.5GB 7-Lenovo Vibe K5 5-inch 2GB 8-Panasonic Eluga Ray X...
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    Mobile specs site

    What are some of the best sites for mobile specs?
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    Best ear phones under 1000

    mostly for day to day activities. yup I would be comfortable with buying IEMs from china
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    Best ear phones under 1000

    Hey guys needed some serious advice on buying an earphone under 1k DO give your suggestions. I just read an article and would like to share it with you here But I really don't think that JBL is better than Sennheiser? What you say guys please help me out
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    Can anyone suggest me a new mobile under 20k?

    Sure i will go with Xiaomi thank you.
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    Wassup tech freaks....!

    Wassup tech freaks....!
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    Basic phone with long battery life and excellent music quality

    If you are not in hurry and then wait for the new phone of jio. It is very much under your budget.
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    Can anyone suggest me a new mobile under 20k?

    What questionnaire I am new to this community? If there is something like that do let me know
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