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  1. the deconstructionist

    Playing Real files on Nokia 5200

    Please help me a real media player for nokia 5200 series.:mad:
  2. the deconstructionist

    Vista Launched.

    old should make way for the new. It will lead to more upgrades.
  3. the deconstructionist

    *** Science Or God? ***

    Re: ***science Or God?*** The debate which will never be solved. For every atheist you have a hundred million believers.
  4. the deconstructionist

    PS2 gamers (come here)

    We can discuss games, but not the latest PS2 is outdated.
  5. the deconstructionist

    mobile from italy....

    How about shoes, Grapes, Clothes and of course the world cup
  6. the deconstructionist

    how to do?

    AVG would do the job if you want to speed up things.
  7. the deconstructionist

    Strange XP Problem

    For 20GB space two OS is too congested.
  8. the deconstructionist

    Give you gmail password???

    Your Boss be nominated for the NOble prize. World does not appreciate such original Genius any more.
  9. the deconstructionist

    Anil Ambani Vs Mukesh Ambani

    What ever both are just plain Lucky to be sons of the great man. No one can take his place.
  10. the deconstructionist

    New e-book readers

    Nothing can substitute good old books. It is straining to read from a screen.
  11. the deconstructionist

    Calmshell Vs Candybar

    Guys like candy bars girls go for Clam shell
  12. the deconstructionist

    My system is very slow

    Probably a faulty Ram stick, check the start up list and remove unwanted programs.
  13. the deconstructionist

    Hi New guy just reg'd

    Lots of questions for a first post. The answers : AMD better, DDR2 has advantage, for 35K difficult to get a branded high gaming PC.
  14. the deconstructionist


    Be happy with IE6, or else try OPERA or FF. These are freeware and much faster.
  15. the deconstructionist

    help: info on storage devices

    If Google and Wiki can't help you, then post here.
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