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    i want to share my tata photon through wifi

    hi, i want to router my tata photon plus net through wifi router, i did a search on google, but available router only support 3g modem, is there any router available in market which can support tata photon plus, price range not more than 1500
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    looking for a sytem like sify

    no one here to help
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    looking for a sytem like sify

    hi i own a isp company in my city i cover almost all my city areas,to sistribute high speed broadband connection,now i am looking to make a system like sify net,in which when user starts their net connection it ask them for an username and password as you may see in sify ,so i want to know waht...
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    which stream for mba

    hi i going to appear in an mba entrance can anyone tell which stream has the good scope
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    how to change hdd serial number

    i wnat my old serial number it help to recover data
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    how to change hdd serial number

    hi i want to know is there any facility to change hard disk serial number and pen drive serial number
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    looking for script

    hi i own a website now i want to start an email facility through my site like others is there any script availbale my site is www.google-forum.com i wnat to give email as username@google-forum.com any help
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    whats wrong with my dreamweaver

    any one here to help
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    whats wrong with my dreamweaver

    hi there, whenever i try to run my dreamweaver 8 it says problem with your instalation a reinstall may solve it but when i reinstall it again says the same i try to install from another setup but problem is same can any one help me.SOftware is leagal which was given me in my college workshop as...
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    need a software

    this is not about fake software ,software will be orignal :D
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    need a software

    hi i own a website its a new site and i want to generate a huge traffic for it i've heared about fake traffic softwares/scripts can any one tell me where can i get that
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    really big problem

    in my comptuer one of my folder is changed into control pannel and it is named as SystemInfomationsIpemVolume plz tell me how can i normalize my forlder again it contain my very imp data i try to rename it it but the result is still same
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    driver neede

    hi guyz i m using hcl ezbee desktop computer some days ago i reisntall my windows and my motherboard cd is corrupted so i m not able to install sound driver into it an any one tell me which sound driver i can use and where can i download it
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    realy big problem

    i hided my folder in d drive named asd with a hiding software (i fogot its name) now the problem is that i reinstalled my windows and that software was installe din c drive now i m not able to find my folder named asd what can i do to recover it i have another problem whenever i m running a...
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    drives are not opening

    thank buddy
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