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    Smartphone with a good battery life in the range of 8-10 K

    Just Go for Lenovo P700i Dual Core 1Ghz Processor 512 MB RAM, ICS, 2500mAh Battery.. @10.5k around
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    Suggest me a good Bass Headphone for a budget of 1.5k

    Buy HD 202 from Pepperfry and you will get it for Rs.1590 register as new user and you will get Rs.700 off coupon..
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    sound magic pl21 or pl11

    Finally i got SM E10 after all.. thanks ratul for taking me to the right direction..!!
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    Looking to buy I.E.M. Budget 1.5-2k

    Sound Magic E10 strongly recomonded in this price range..!!
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    Headphone Under 1.6k(MAX 2k)

    Sennheiser HD202 II
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    SoundMAGIC ES 18 Earphone-find me one?

    SOUND MAGIC ES 18 for Rs.440
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    sound magic pl21 or pl11

    Of course the robust cable is important to me not the pouch. so i am happy to getting the latest one..!!
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    sound magic pl21 or pl11

    thanks for that.. one more question is that there are 2 models of SM E10 on internet.. the older one got new more Robust Cable and the Travel Case instead of regular leather pouch.. Watch Youtube Video SO which one you got..?? and which one i am getting..??
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    sound magic pl21 or pl11

    Does it need any Burn-in to fully open..?? where can i find the burn-in players..??
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    sound magic pl21 or pl11

    Ok cancelled PL21 and leaning towards ES 18 maybe i could get E10 if price falls down to 1.2k or 1.3k Yup i ordered SM E10 for 1.3k from Homeshop18 with Rs.200 Coupon..!!
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    sound magic pl21 or pl11

    Ya i actually preferred for e10 only but i didnt find the better pricing so i went for PL21.. Ok how much u paid for E10..?? i found Rs.1500 on Homeshop18 was better price till now..!!
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    sound magic pl21 or pl11

    Oh really..?? i could get Es 18 for Rs.440(Green one Homeshop 18) and Rs.270(out of stock on pepperfry).. are you sure ES 18 is much better than PL 21... if yes i can cancel the order and will go for ES 18.. what do you say..??
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    sound magic pl21 or pl11

    I m still confused between these 2 pl11 and pl21.. BTW i ordered PL21 for Rs.657 online.. is it worth to have PL21 at this price range or i should have choosen the PL11 for Rs.580..??
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    Best In Ear phones between Rs 600- Rs 1200

    How about Sony MDR-EX100LP..?? I ordered it about Rs.400 is it worth compared to Sound Magic ES 18..??
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    Sony MDR-EX100LP Deal on Pepperfry

    I Ordered Sony MDR-EX100LP actual price Rs.990 and i had a coupon for offer of 600 on order of 1300 so i added some items to fill upto 1300 and applied the coupon and the final amount to be paid was Rs.700 i dont know anything about the headphones about in this price range Is it worth for...
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