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    Please help me to configure Netis modem for BSNL Broadband.

    Hello. I subscribed for the BSNL 800 plan last week. But I am unable to configure my modem+router for accessing the internet. This is my modem...
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    Best Broadband Provider for downloading torrents?

    Hey guys I am a huge fan of torrents. I cannot live without torrents for even a single day. I have membership in some private trackers too. So I have some questions for you. Answer the questions only if you use torrents. 1)How much do you upload and download using torrent each month...
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    [Guwahati Members] List & Best ISP?

    Hi Guys I am from Guwahati too. In search of a good broadband provider here. According to me Rajdhani Broadband is very fast in Guwahati coz I have visited many cyber cafe with Rajdhani BB and the speed is mind blowing (5Mbps+ minimum and maximum around 9.5 mbps). But it is very costly...
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    Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note II?

    S3 is Samsung's flagship product so it has better features than Note. But I suggest you go with Note coz it has got a bigger screen, so it will be better for reading books,playing games and watching movies.
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