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  • Please send me the details of your system like exact model num, how old are those components, if any warranty left etc. And PM me with those info, dont send visitor message.
    The mentioned motherboard does have Bulldozer support but check if it is rev 3.1 or not. Although it has 2 PCIX X16 slot, they run at X16-X4 speed and not good for CF for powerful GPU as the card plugged in the X4 slot will be bottlenecked due to the limited bandwidth of the X4 slot. Other thing is the 2nd X4 slot shares bandwidth from the two PCI Express X1 slots present in the mobo. So if the 2nd X16 (in X4) slot is used, the other two X1 slots will be disabled. If you want a real Crossfire mobo then spend a little to grab the MSI 890GXM-G65 mobo @ 6.8K. I'm currently using it with HD 6870 CF
    Hey bro, I am really sorry as i couldn't hlp you.
    While googling i found that 880G model with AM3+ support costs around 6.5k.
    BTW did you ask Cilus abt this issue i.e BD support on 880GM. I think this mobo will be able to support BD after a BIOS upgrade.
    Just mail gigabyte for this issue and see what they reply.
    I've already posted in ur thread.
    And here is SMC buying Guide

    1. Call their helpline desk and amke sure the product is available with them. Also ask for discount if you can do a little burgain.
    2. Ask them about the payment method and inform thema about the method you are going to use.
    3. Create an Account in SMC, add the product to your shopping cart, proceed to the payment section, select the shipping option suitable for you and do the online payment to their account mentioned. For motherboard the 4 day shipping charge is normally Rs 150.
    4. Take a screenshot of the successful payment window and mail it to them with all the payment details along with the screenshot. Do it within 5 PM and they will start processing your purchase on that day.
    5. You will receive the product as per your choice of shipping. For standard 150 bucks shipping, you will get it within 4-5 days.
    Sorry, its the 'gm' model only. Its a typo..
    You better ask Cilus abt this mobo query, he can help you as he his much aware of these queries.
    Actually i am unware of SMC's payment methods as i have never bought any product online.
    Just goto their website, they have mentioned their contact details there. Contact them over phone, bargain for the least possible price with shipping and place order.
    BTW is no branded PSU available in your locality.
    Aditya infotech are FSP and Corsair dealers in India. So, google and go to their website. See if there is support for your city. If they have any of their offices in your city then order from them. Else order from SMC.
    If you dont have a GPU, then FSP SAGAII 350W is enough for ur rig. I asked u to go for FSP SAGAII instead of CX-430 as the former is much better than the later.
    Then why do you wanna go with FSP SAGAII 500W with this rig. What about your current PSU.
    Yes, its safe to but from SMC. BTW where do you live at..
    Yes, FSP SAGAII 500W will be a good choice over the Corsair CX-430.
    But whats ur PC specs.
    Actually Corsair CX-430 has poor built components. So, for the same price you can get a CX-400 which has superior built quality unlike CX-430. It also has 3yrs warranty unlike 2yrs of CX-430.
    Yes, CX-400 is also 80percent certified unlike CX-430. So, better go for CX-400.
    You can also look for FSP SAGAII 500W at 2.1k. It will be a better choice over CX-430.
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