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  • not at all. want to collage, then was at my buddies home. now this is the first time I'm logging in TDF today from my PC. Previous posts were made from my iphone app during collagw hours, at buddies home. ;)
    Well while I was having it, I didn't do any voltage tweak and just increased the multiplier to overclock it.With the stock cooler I was able to reach 3.6 GHz with temparature around 55 degree C (+/- 3) in load. If you use a good after market cooler like Hyper 212+ then 4 GHz is achievable with Vore around 1.45V
    and whatever you buy just but a good psu. I have a cx400 in my comp. bought it from prime for 2700. also bought an lg tv monitor and zebronics reaper cabinet from prime. but sadly all that is at my parents place and all I have with me is a phone lol
    you don't have a popular mobo and processor but I think ram will work with most cpus depending upon what you are planning to buy next. I think 3k is enough for the config. computer parts lose their value in days and since new parts are so cheap these days and more people opt for laptops over desktops for portability.
    today evening i actually went to zenith and he agreed to give me 3k for my parts without buying anything:grin:is that price ok for my proccy,mobo and ram(you can see config in my siggy)
    i am ready to buy from prime but the thing is he don't have the gigabyte 880gm-usb3 motherboard and telling that it is not arrived to the market yet.
    brother you have completed E and E from MIT and still no job:shock:why?
    also don't think too much about 100 buck price differences, you will waste more money in traveling to places enquiring for prices. just buy from a place that sells what you want.
    I'm a freelancer, so I'm free all the time lol.
    zenith will probably buy if you system is not too old. don't buy everything from him. just get one part which would not require any warranty. prime guy provides warranty and so does sys-comp. the latter is very reliable.
    although I bought a lot of stuff from zenith, I never had any problem but my friends had a lot of warranty claim issues. syscomp and prime may be expensive but they are the most reliable in warranty issues.
    but the best place to buy comp stuff in india is nehru place, new delhi. that place is like heaven to me. smc international shop will make you drool with its awesomeness.
    Sukesh, actually I'm little busy for the last couple of days. I can confirm you at the end of this it okay with you?
    you can sell it at zenith pc world (deltech) the shop is opposite to mgm college. but he might do the deal if you buy the parts from him in exchange. go you have the box of all components? without those, no one will buy the parts.
    bad luck brother i don't stay in hostel but near manipal in my uncle's house in kunjibett,but we can meet whenever you want in name is Vignesh.
    you just read my mind lol. of I remember correctly you were about to buy a new comp right? I have a few new comp stuff (software wise) we can exchange sometime :D hope you stay in hostels.
    I'm Nikhil btw. these days I'm working as a tshirt designer for a uk based company (just started)
    my home town is udupi but I stayed all my life in j&k.
    a for mit I'm done with my graduation in electrical and electronics. but I'm still here searching for a job.
    so what about you? you from around here?
    yup. MIT here. good to find a fellow digitian here. but how did you find out that I'm from manipal? xda?
    Arey vai, mughe to current price keya hain dekhna parega, then I can only estimate, right?
    I just came back from office.
    Give me some time. But I think price will be 3 to 3.5/3.8K max as for now. Let me check in details. I
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