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  • Yessss.. I got it reinstalled and it works perfectly after overclocking upto 3.3 GHz.. Too, the system start up was successful..
    Pal, here is a problem I can't Identify.

    I told you that I have overclocked my processor to a 3.1 GHz, I kept on increasing it until I reached 3.5 GHz using 'SetFSP' AND WHEN I LOOKED AT MY ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM, 'AVAST 6' IT had STOPPED WORKING.. Why is it not working.. Everything is allright bt antivirus is the inly problem.. And too when I start my PC, I cannot start anything unless the Skype messanger opens up.. What is this, what should I do..

    Plzz help..
    I have a computer but not a decent gfx card and A PSU and I am buying this stuff.. I also have a PS2..
    I wish you a very Best of luck.. And being 13 has its own problems like you don't have money.. :(
    k will check if i can get a belkin surge protector locally or i will buy it from online.will see what i can do with the grounding matter.btw looks like my disk failed because windows is not booting up and i am using ubuntu live cd.
    Check the wiring of the switch board where you're connecting your PC. Normally if the wiring is done properly, which is actually a very common problem here, then due to the electrical discharge, HDD and Rams are normally the common victim. Try to use a good Spike Guard and check the wiring, atleast for the Switchboard you are using to power your computer.
    my suggestion is the same as i mentioned before.get 6850 at 10,000 and if you can spend 3k above this then get corsair cx500v2 @3, may need to overclock you processor to not to bottleneck the graphics 1366X768 resolution processor plays 40% and gpu plays 60% role so processor is also buy 6850 and overclock your processor.if you want any help with overclocking then post i in overclock section.don't buy the gfx card from XFX company.just wait for one or two days till others members reply to your thread.
    I want you to read my twosome upgrade article and recommend me the best graphics card... I have updated some info like RAM, Resolution and thee games I want to play...

    Kush Mishra
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