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  • ya.. even when I OCed my CPU, everybody congratulated me bt he was the only one who wanted a proof other than A CPU-Z Screenshot.. LOLZ...
    hey.. I went to Guess what, on the homepage, there was your testimonial..

    "received the product well within expected period the packing was awesome.thanks for such a nice service."

    - Vignesh Kamath

    I was like, WOW.. :)
    Well the plan im using is actually not avail now,When i had taken it was under offer.
    Its 500 Ul
    Speed-1 mbps
    FUP-5 GB (After which 256 kbps)_\
    yess.. they actually are.. Well, tym to sleep..

    Gud night, Bye, T c and Sweet Dreams.. ;)
    I am a kid you are mature and they are adults, there are computer experts around this world, they are old guyz.. lolz :D
    My local assembler will tell,That online there charging extra an stuff,And will get some cheap config,Not the one i suggest.Thats why online i cant think for comp parts
    hmmmm. I did it.. :).. Well, on my mobo, there is one port named SYS_FAN1 with 3-Pins (One of its kind).. Is this the fan connector?
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