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    For Sale : Assorted Parts

    may req the ram.. will let u know..
  2. spynic

    want to sell

    how much for the 40GIG?? 500? n may be interested in the ram,,,
  3. spynic

    i returned my Dvd-RW which was under warranty,the one i got back is used.is it ok????

    hey mostly do tht.. afaik...samsung does tht with HDD's although seagate has good service.. guess they atleast give clean stuff.. not screwed up
  4. spynic

    PSU Fan Mod

    srry guys.. dint c ur replies.. @shreyem used some bosny brand chrome paint.. bout 300bux took d power frm a 12V rail no resistors used.. gave a voltage drop of 3V across 4 leds +12V although the led's are rated 3.6V.. n i musta missed out ur scrap on orkut.. @harvik780 thanx! ;)...
  5. spynic

    GO : LCD Monitors 19/20/22/24"

  6. spynic

    GO : LCD Monitors 19/20/22/24"

    welcum to digit raghu! ;)
  7. spynic

    Front panel USB Slot.

    75buxx @ lamington
  8. spynic

    power button not working

    hold it for more than 8 secs.. it shud go off.. it wudnt "shut down" wen ur apps dont respond.. the restart button will work netime u press it..
  9. spynic

    Which one to buy?? P990i or N 73

  10. spynic

    o2 = RS 3000 IN INDIA

    no charger, manual, warranty.. etc etc= flicked.!
  11. spynic

    o2 = RS 3000 IN INDIA

    may be a flicked phone..
  12. spynic

    PCB Etching

    done wid bread board.. n on circuit board,, all work fine.. this is how my circuit looks! thts y im goin in for a pcb.
  13. spynic

    Which is a fastest DVD to DivX converter?

    Core2Duo! ;)
  14. spynic

    PCB Etching

    wudnt the OHP stick to the iron? nah.. not hobby... using the circuit for long term practical purpose, thts y i wanna make a pcb
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