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  • Hi.. I'm from Patna as well.. Buy a microtek. My experience with APC is BAD.. I have about 10 computers at work and Microtek 800VA double battery is the best (last 2 years and costs 2550 @Patna). APC is overpriced and gives constant trouble if you have voltage fluctuations. Service is pathetic. They replaced my unit with another old unit @Bangalore. In Patna, the service guy tried selling me stolen battery from his home when I wanted to buy a new one.. You will never find original APC battery in Patna. Also if you want long (9-10 hours) backup, either buy an atom based PC or buy a microtek 850 SEBZ inverter and attach it with a car or industrial battery. Its costs around 15K to boot but if you do not have a genset then you can work for 9-10 hours straight even after a power cut :-D
    oh so how do i get to know whether the plugs wil fit into the UPS or not??
    can u try or sumthin
    btw im going to plug UPS into spike buster
    Hi, can u plz suggest me the best
    possible 20'' LCD or LED monitor
    under 7k. My main usage are
    gaming and watching movies.
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