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    General Query Is infibeam is good place to purchase ?

    get a WD HDD not transcend also infibeam is ok,i bought my monitor and speakers from them for a total of 15K,i paid through CoD tho.
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    UPS and Active PFC Power Supply compatibility table.

    i have the same PSU as yours,a search on return this UPS,it is the same one you use,correct? how much backup time do you get with this setup?
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    PC starts only after using hair dryer

    This seems oddly similar to the issue that i face,except there are no hair dryers involved,just restarts and scared prayers my PC oddly was working fine and problem-less from March to May which didn't make sense to me(now as i read this thread,OF COURSE ) and its issue would replicate during...
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    horizontal line artifacts and low resolution screen on POST/BIOS Splash screen

    my problem basically was after PC is shut down(as in the main power switch turned off) for a long time(always the next morning,because it stays off for 7-8 hours while i sleep ) it used to,and still does some times the following shows how the problem has got progressively worse to its current...
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