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    Why in India AC tonnage requirement is 3 times that of a USA desert?

    While looking to buy a new AC I searched for many online tonnage calculators. Views: Indian salesmen: With ceiling at 9-10 feet, if you carpet area is 100sqft-->1 ton, 150sqft-->1.5 ton, 200 sqft-->2 ton. To be on safer side by the higher one. Indian tonnage calculator: It mainly...
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    Urgent: Old PS3 slim 320 GB or New Slimmer 500 GB?

    Today at a sony world I checked out both the slim and the superslim versions. Funny thing I found the button on slim to be awkward. Why? you see, when you press the button for ejecting Blu-Ray, the disc comes towards your finger. I mean you have to quickly remove the finger after pressing the...
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    Urgent: Old PS3 slim 320 GB or New Slimmer 500 GB?

    I have the same confusion. Atleast the cheap looking 500gb console sound just a little more, not annoying. The size of the new one is considerably smaller and lighter too.
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    New to Adobe Photoshop

    Just wondering how many actually buy genuine Photoshop. Off topic but ....
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    Favourite PDF reader

    I know when this thread started I was going for foxit, but recently one bug/special feature drives me crazy in foxit. Safe reading mode is on by default. That makes clicking a link in pdf a chore. This is nightmare for the pdf author's point of view, as average user does not care much to go into...
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    Favourite PDF reader

    foxit is good. But does it handle inbuilt videos? I am not sure as downloaded a pdf file of 22 pages of plain text with some added videos. they were supposed to be guitar tabs. foxit could not play it. I have not tried adobe as I have long uninstalled it. have you ever got this type of problem?
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    [By Demand] October 2008

    Elive , the most beautiful and most out of the box usable linux distribution and least resource hungry 128mb only on Debian platform. From They have both stable and unstable versions. satbale one is older, but urges to pay 5$ for server charges and is given under creative...
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    uTorrent Download Speeds

    Well torrent is a different game altogether when coming to downloading. It is different than how you download from utorrent =>options=>speed guide check your speed put ~80% of the upload (yes it is upload) value in the dropdown menu. Hit OK. other values are there by...
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    Issues Related To DVD Movies???

    recode is the best posssible for retaining quality as well as subtitles
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    how to create own chat room without a server

    Is there anybody who can solve my problem ? we are 30 odd students who want to discuss online without getting disturbed and all of us are scattered over India.Normal chat rooms do not give the security of privacy even if they do I am not aware of that. I have seen a button of create room in...
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    why do you botheforget about IE,try the way it is a bug.try avast for this if you want to continue with good old IE
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    software required

    it depends on your image .namely iso images can be converted to cd itself by a cd writing software ,whereas for .mdf ,.mds,.cdda etc alcohol 129% is good.
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    free software to extract mp3's from videos(.dat etc)

    no doubt u can do it in vcd cutter but exact mp3 length cannot be figured out. u ve to first cut the video upto which u want the u can do it in winamp itself but the cut music will be in wav format. but never mind u can convert it into mp3 in db power amp converter later on . to do this...
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    Cheap DVD media???

    imation dvd costs only Rs 20 ,4x only in cuttack,to be exact at Varatiya tower.About dvd dual layer my vendor tells me it has not been launched in India,though I have a SONY dvd dual layer writer.
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