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    PC Game Deals

    This is DLC
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    Graphics card suggestion needed

    They are overpriced because of crypto and chip shortage. Fill this:
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    Good Camera Phone in the Price Range of 20K ?

    Keep reporting those scammers.
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    Good Camera Phone in the Price Range of 20K ?

    This You can't buy those in 20k unless they come from questionable sources.
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    Suggest between Redmi and Samsung

    I would've agreed with you in 2018-2019 but not now. F1 is a good phone but there are better options at same price with arguably much longer official software support. SD 732G and Dimensity 800U perform close to SD 845...
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    Suggest between Redmi and Samsung

    Yes, all these are low end phones, have bad specs for the price. (720p screen, Android 9/10 with no chances of getting updates, Helio P22 or Unisoc whatever). Also, buying a LG phone now doesn't makes any sense.
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    GPU NEWS Channel

    Why can't they just "re-launch" 2060 as a 3050 with reduced price instead?
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    Suggest between Redmi and Samsung

    Sad to say but LG is dead precisely because they kept messing up with prices. This phone isn't worth over 6k from a specification POV. Nobody would compromise on performance irrespective of "military grade" protection and "splash proofing". Last 2 cameras are a joke, 5 MP ultrawide isn't...
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    Looking for a phone with lots of 5g band support

    Nothing based on ColorOS is good.
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    Light Weight Free AntiVirus for Windows 7 ?

    You probably don't need that VPN.
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    PC Game Deals

    Far Cry 3 for free on Uplay
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    All TV Shows / Miniseries Related Discussions Here It is not season 5 but Season 3.
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    Linux Discussion Thread

    It has 2 free versions also, core (for modern systems) and lite (for older systems).
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    Share your uBlock filter rules here.

    This regional crap. Don't get me wrong, YT should stop pushing this crap completely. Edit: I did it using right click -> block element and noted this was added to filter list: >
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