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  1. saintdark

    Calling all Pune Techies...

    me too a n00b from pune, the meet sounds real HOT, whr do u guys meet??
  2. saintdark

    Pune Computer Stores

    Very Xcited abt this Rig.... Still to get fixed abt the prices though... was saving money like hell... Specs so far: Athlon 64 X2 4200+ - 19000/- ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe(2) - ??? XFX GeForce 7900 GTX -...
  3. saintdark

    Calling all Pune Techies...

    Thrash Metal check thez... i also had to search a lot to get sm good plzs... found this somewher on the web.. i called up some plzs fr my gaming rig, the phone numberz were wrong, the addresses are correct thou --- Aditi Enterprises 127/B, Shop No-2, Aditi Corner,Shaniwar Peth, Beh. Police...
  4. saintdark

    Pune Computer Stores

    Just in Case anyone needed the info, the phone numbers most of them are wrong, but the address is right, thx for ur help Hardware Vendors/PC Aditi Enterprises 127/B, Shop No-2, Aditi Corner,Shaniwar Peth, Beh. Police Chowcky, Pune-30 24019508 / 9 Cache Technologies Pvt.Ltd 1st Floor...
  5. saintdark

    Pune Computer Stores

    Ok, Will they be able to get me the GeFrc 7900 GTX , do u have any number, Regards Rej
  6. saintdark

    error 678

    "Its usually the Remote computer did not respond, check your connection". either your connecting to the wrong number and the link is down
  7. saintdark

    How to know the size of a web site????

    You can only get to know the size of the current loaded page, it wont give u the whole website size tools like http://www.soft32.com/download_53.html help you to download websites, but none of these cannot calculate the size as you can only know the size once you download the web page. Regards
  8. saintdark

    adobe acrobat

    tell abc to delete the attachment as soon as he gets it.. lol there is no way i believe u can do this
  9. saintdark

    Internet through Reliance/TATA phones

    I have the Reliance ZTE Sierra Card 144 kbps unlimited 1500/mnth, dl(14-16kBps), its on p2p whole night.. works like a breeze. Regards Rej
  10. saintdark

    Pune Computer Stores

    Thx a ton mate! Regards Rej
  11. saintdark

    Pune Computer Stores

    Hi, I want to assemble an Amd SLI system with 2 gefrce 7900 cards, iam unable to find a good store that offers the hardwares, can anyone please help me with good stores in PUNE Thx in advance Regards Rej
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