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    Phone getting OFF Now and Then

    By any chance does it only happen when your phone vibrates? Try putting on silent, if it still switches off, then it is on software side. If vibration is causing issue then vibration motor is the cause. like others, if it is software issue, i too wud suggest you to flash custom rom.
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    Weight scale recommendations under 2k

    thanks for suggestion, I have decathlon nearby, Wud consider it. How good is the accuracy and sensitiveness? Does weight reading changing when you step back and step on? is the build full metal or does it have glass as from picture it seems metal. I wud consider this because build looks good...
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    Does Airtel's fiber modem-router work in bridge mode?

    there’s actually a very risky way to fix this, But that has a very high chance to brick the router.
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    Sony Playstation 5 Discussion Thread

    Sure something is srsly going on in the back…..
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    Weight scale recommendations under 2k

    Suggest some weight scale under 2k. I saw realme scale but would only buy if anyone here has experienced it, my last realme purchase didnt go quite well. I saw Dr. Trust but am not sure about warranty. so anyone have some suggestions? will be buying in next 4-5 days.
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    TV Buying advice :Rs 50K, LG or Samsung

    customer support is same irrespective of wether you buy online or offline, You must keep the invoice with you in both case. Although People feel more comfortable with online offline mode for big purchases like TV
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    Local ISP Internet Issue [Help]

    Perhaps threaten them to remove connection, just say them you changed router multiple times and issue is in there backend. Give them three days, if it is not fixed, then just get your connection terminated. Local isps are on another level stubborness, never ready accept their mistake. Better...
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    Local ISP Internet Issue [Help]

    Who provided the router ISP or your own? If not yours, Does ISP provide router?
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    Go for RTX 3070 or (still) wait? :(

    Noice, But I thought you would use Mickey's contacts in china to get the card delivered directly to tegridy farms..... Afterall you are Marsh!
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    Guidance regarding DVD players

    You cannot get both of them in one, perhaps you can get one for pc and then rip the cd to pendrive and play on tv. or you can get seperate devices for both, as dvd has gone almost obsolete. for Home entertainment player, consider buying locally or look for second hand options as amazon does...
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    All TV Shows / Miniseries Related Discussions Here

    Human (Hotstar) 9/10 Very well written, the Direction is very good. Improbable at times and the whole series does not feel stretchy. Story is good but the way it is executed makes it worth binging.
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    Guidance regarding DVD players

    as far as i know, The cheap portable DVD players can run most of the formats of DVD, For bluray you will have to spend extra bucks. I had earlier used LiteON e-dvd player but it died within an year. Now I am using this ASUS model, actually got it with discount with my pc, working pretty well...
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    Can anyone help me to access my DVD.

    Contact digit help from here and they will guide you through the rest of the process. Contact us - Digit e-Magazine They will make your account on portal from where you will be able to access your e-Prints as well as e-dvds
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    The Complete Smartphone Buyer's Guide

    What if this maybe real?
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