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    Anyone using new Knowledge search engine : Wolfram Alpha

    this is really in beta type stage... searched for "supernova" , and it shows - Supernova (2005) , Assuming "supernova" is a movie... don't they feel that there is a astronomical object too with the same name ? for me google is still better as it showed first link to supernova[wikipedia] (...
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    Google Chrome Out Of Beta

    what good does google brought by making chrome out of beta??? i just checked orkut and the chat was disabled as the browser is not supported. looks like google forgot to support its all new browser to his famous social networking site. btw - chrome was supported with chat before the
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    mobile without IMIE .

    i have a samsung j210 . but about 20days ago its IMIE got corrupted(while entering a unlock code) , hence its IMIE is all "0" now. and due to the new regulations of mobile carriers about IMIE , my mobile is blocked by airtel. please someone guide/answer how to solve this problem.
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    Bsnl "dipawali Bonus"

    superb man , this is also available in orissa . called 1500 and they said "enjoy". great step bsnl.
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    Pakau Shyeries!!!!

    The night was dark, the moon was high, I stopped my car....u wondered why? I leant so close, u felt shy. I uttered those three words.... Aai !!
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    Request your Signature/Avatar/Logo Here

    thanks a lot for the sigi , it surely is great. sorry for bothering u , but can u send me the raw xcf or anyother raw format file that can allow me to change the layers(used)? i just wanted it as i need to add some glow and engrave effects to the name.
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    Request your Signature/Avatar/Logo Here

    my request - Photo which u want - prince of persia Text to write - Silent Assassin (must be in any deadly font) size of logo - 600*150 (or what ever suitable for u guys) try to make it animated else non animated.
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    suggest me some good softwares for WM6

    i have recently bought the HTC p3400i but now i want some good softwares ( video player , music player etc.) please suggest some good softwares.especially those who have a PDA.
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    free ebooks!!??

    well whenever i need any IT books , i go to
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    Which is best [HTC 3400 and Moto Rokr E6] ? Pls Help !

    well what i know that HTC 3400i has WM 6.0 loaded , not WM 5.0. i checked this set just 2 days ago in the mobilestore. features r great except the lack of wifi.
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    Mobile Gurus: plz answer this..

    well i wish u good luck , as if u suc-seed :smile: it will surely help me. any ways my reply to ur question - well as krazzy said nearly impossible . but if u r a hardware and software pro hacker , there is a chance. reason - incompatibility . and to make them compatible u have to first...
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    why digitforum don't have RSS?

    confirmed , RSS not working in opera , it tells that it has been subscribed but there is no feed added in actual. moreover i checked out with and it worked great. may be its because of vBulletin which powers the forum.(error is on their side)
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    About Download: the true story of the Internet...

    yes till now only 1 episode is aired , that is BROWSER WARS i found the hindi dubbing boring over my english one that i downloaded.:smile:
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    Zune 3rd Gen Features Expected

    i too got the zune 3 interesting for more info check this out
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    why digitforum don't have RSS?

    @goobimama how come my fully updated version of safari can't RSS it. actually it shows that there is RSS but whenever i try to subscribe to the RSS of digit forum , it shows error ( posted above ). @ax3 will try if opera is working
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