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    Any 13 inch Laptop with GPS available ?

    Do you think its available or possible. :razz: A Laptop with GPS built in so that it can used for Navigation purpose too, 13inches so its compact too. I am seriously think its not a bad idea for it. Phones have small screens so have limited functionality. but with a 13inch Notebook isnt it...
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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Is there any Laptop available that can also be used as GPS Naviagtion while travelling?
  3. rollcage

    FZ35 or SX20IS?? which one is better and why ??

    I think you must have got your camera by now, FZ35 is good, I have been using the FZ-28K .. and its awesome, all pictures are class apart, now in ur model the movie size is less so good. make sure you buy good case for it like from caselogic. and Class-6 SDHC 4GB memory for it. :smile:
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    Looking for "Digital Camera"

    Congrats Vishal... though i wanted to suggest you Panasonic .. FZ38 ..anyways happy clicking :D @chitvan its an excellent camera man.. dont know why inindia people dont buy much of this... FZ38 .. i hav i have previous version FZ28 .. .. superb camera and 18x Optical zoom.
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    Basic Guide Purchase a New System

    i am going to build a new Rig for around 25k to 30k..through in your suggestions please. I want to build this pc for a cousin.. wants everything around in this budget. tell me whats VFM Mobo+ processor right now. shall i get 2 HDD and put them in Raid just need good performance can backup imp...
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    Basic Guide Purchase a New System

    we dont have 3.0 yet but will be there soon, but the point is .. it will take 6 months to see the right picture here, there are no usb 3.0 products yet and when boards will come it will be expensive. take a look at eSata we should have been buying those by now, but its so fkin expensive that...
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    need camera within 5-6k

    what options you have in market?
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    Wii 2 to come in 2010 with Blu-ray, fullHD support; new 4-inch DSi this year?

    Well Wii-2 will come for sure, but I think it will be in late 2010, thats I say 3rd quarter of 2010,and when it will come it will be dead expensive and people will tend to buy the Wii itself. HD is neded for high end tvs only, we inindia mostly have low size lcds only. also, I think Nitendo is...
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    Which Asian Shopping Sites Ship to India? Name a few!!

    Hi guys, I am wondering this for long which sites are there that ship the gadgets or products to India. We know that Amazon.com is good place to buy but sadly they dont ship to outside usa. Ebay.com is good but they have high shipping cost at most products. forget ebay.in thats Indian site...
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    I want to buy Wii!

    check this out Black Nintendo Wii bundle listed on Amazon UK for £164.99 wow... Nintendo Wii Black + Motion Plus + 2 Games .. just for 165 Pouns thats a good deal comes out to what . 165*78 = Rs. 12870 /- what you say.. oh i have to find this out comment please...
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    I want to buy Wii!

    Sorry for late reply guys I was just searching a bit then i didn't get notification. anyways guys @vamsi_krishna games are easily available here in Kamala Nagar, Delhi. there is a toyshop. (except u can get them at ur fav place too), btw are you from from KV Shalimar by any chance i had a...
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    I want to buy Wii!

    hey guys I want to buy Wii, any suggestions, 8) does any one of you have Nintendo Wii?? where can I get a good deal. :mrgreen: regards roll
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    Restructuring Network in Office! (This is big)

    Guys.. whats bothering me is whether to buy Server 2003 R2 or not? will that support properly. and I think 2008 is not recommended for that softwares/ so i have to see that it works or not.
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    Where to buy in Nehru place (Delhi)?

    Where can we find laptop bags of Belkin and Case-Logic in Delhi. and also at good rates..
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    Restructuring Network in Office! (This is big)

    I dont have much knowledge in intel configs, but I tried it and bought a server last week. I bought a Quadcore, MSI Board, 9400gt 1gb, 4GB kingston (2*2), Coolar Master Cabinet, CM silent front fan, SMPS CM 450watts, what else.. dvd rw, hdd 500GB Sata2 (WD), netgear wifi pci card,... costed...
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