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    [For Sale] SONY PS4 SLIM & 6 GAMES

    sold on olx , please close the thread
  2. rohan_mhtr

    [For Sale] SONY PS4 SLIM & 6 GAMES

    Want to sell my Sony PS4 slim 500gb which i had purchased in may 2019 . Warranty has expired but i will provide a weeks testing warranty and take it back if there is some issue . I have hardly played 4-5 games on it and recently using it just as a streaming device for netflix and prime video ...
  3. rohan_mhtr

    [Want to Buy] Graphics card around 10k

    Need a graphics card . Max budget is Rs10k . Open from reasonable offers .
  4. rohan_mhtr

    [For Sale] Xfx hd7700

    Expected Price (Rs):2900 Purchase Date:October 2013 Remaining Warranty Period:None Reason for Sale:Upgrade Shipping from:Navi Mumbai Payment Options...
  5. rohan_mhtr

    [For Sale] Samsung 3D BLU RAY Player with Smart TV features + Free Blu Ray movie disks

    Selling on behalf of my cousin . ( For Local buyers only ) Description : For sale is Samsung 3D Blu Ray player BD-E5500 with Smart TV features which lets you install smart apps like Facebook , youtube , twitter , games etc on your normal TV . Can become a media player by connecting USB-HDD ...
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    All TV Shows / Miniseries Related Discussions Here

    Re: All TV Shows Related Discussions Here Agents of SHIELD 7.5 from me too . Would have given it 8 if not for the flying car in the end . Looks like a rip off from back to future . CG effects doesnt feel like any other Marvel movie . Characters too look immature . Have heard that the director...
  7. rohan_mhtr

    Never buying a SONY phone again !

    Hey @Nerevarine , i had a note 2 earlier ( see link in post 1 for proof ) which i sold to a friend . After few months that fellow fell from his Honada activa terribly Breaking 2 front teeths and scratches all over the body , imagine what happened to the phone , screen shattered and dents...
  8. rohan_mhtr

    Never buying a SONY phone again !

    I Will PM you these details if that is of any help . I had earlier emailed them to some sony officials but only reply i got back was that " due to physical damage the warranty cannot be claimed as per sony policy " . I have the purchase invoice , my service id job reciept of the broken screen...
  9. rohan_mhtr

    Never buying a SONY phone again !

    Not 32 but 34k and now almost 20k for the screen ! Even my laptop with i5 and amd 7670m chipset was cheaper !
  10. rohan_mhtr

    Never buying a SONY phone again !

    Managed to get hold of few people who have the cracked screen problem with the help of an insider in sony service center . Need to know what else we can do . The screen has cracked without any physical damage for all of us , same for everyone , removed from pocket and next moment screen is...
  11. rohan_mhtr

    Never buying a SONY phone again !

    How can you say this , just google Sony Xperia Z screen cracked and you will notice its not just me but thousands facing this issue . Also if SONY cant repair a product in india then why did it launch it in the first place . Why is that in their ads its written as the most durable and water...
  12. rohan_mhtr

    Never buying a SONY phone again !

    Sorry , Edited . But TV ads and forum opinions do alter ones decision !
  13. rohan_mhtr

    Never buying a SONY phone again !

    Hi friends , after much waiting and saving my hard earned money i had finally purchased the SONY Xperia Z three months ago . The main reason for buying the phone was its Sexy looks , glass body which as mentioned by sony is DURABLE and water resistant . Before that i had the Samsung galaxy...
  14. rohan_mhtr

    Post the dumbest thing you've ever heard about technology :cool:

    I bet this has happened to many , ME : Got a new GPU hd7770 for 8k Friend : What a waste , why did you buy that ME: To play games and some video processing Friend : You are so dumb , these days we can download graphics card and install them in pc for free ! ( He was talking about nvidia drivers )
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