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  • Shifted to another location and here BSNL babus are doing what they are best at, callous nochalant attitude and outright denial of feasibility of broadband even without sending anyone here to check.

    I am using aircel 98/month unlimited GPRS now. Just changed DNS setting to openDNS and lo it is working without any slowdown now :p

    I saw that you have written a lot about in movies thread. Will be reading it in free time and save your recommendations for when I get broadband (possibly will try EVDO if nothing works).
    hi buddy, ichi here :p

    How are you ? Keep in touch. I dont have broadband now. Hopefully will be getting aircel GPRS today, just to make sure that I can do bare minimum essential things.

    I guess forum has not moved an inch since then.

    mujhe kya apna degree ke baad ka resume forward kar sakte ho???? mera e-mail address orkut pe scrap kiya hai.... :)
    ok ok...that pic is nothing but a screen shot of your earlier visitor message to me:D
    yeah am not that chatty. But for few days I am online most of the time just to check any update for an interview call from a company :p
    Yesterday I was watching a movie. I will be online today :p

    Any important work ?
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