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    using Tor proxy from behind a firewall?

    Hello folks. i live in a hostel and have to connect to the net via a proxy. Lets say my IP is 172.16.ab.cd the ip of my proxy is 172.16.pq.rs:80. the only open ports that i know of are 21,25,110,135,139,445 out of which i use 80 for net browsing. i wish to use Tor (& Privoxy) but don't know...
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    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    better not scrimp in quality on this front coz your other stuff looks good. if you can add 3k then get asus a8n-e for 8k. if you are really struck on cheaper boards then go for Msi R480 M2-IL board. its decent enough... i guess...
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    Motherboard for AMD 64 bit 3000+

    well my dealer told me that it was 13.something K for Neo4. if its really that cheap then i am going to castrate him! anyway i live in Karnataka and we have higher prices for IT stuff here though no amount of tax can drag the price that high. my final choices seem to be Asus a8n-e, msi neo4...
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    Motherboard for AMD 64 bit 3000+

    ok, i finally got the price for neo4 platinum. can you believe it? 14k!!!! the price in US is $115 and we get it for 14k! so its out of picture. unable to get my hands on foxconn so even its out of picture. o only two options remain now; Gigabyte or Asus. i really hate it when i don't...
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    Motherboard for AMD 64 bit 3000+

    it ain't? what then is the price for neo4 pltinum. some of the websites say around $115. can you please tell me its price and where it is available? about overclocking i don't think that you can overclock the cheap Hynix Ram much anyway. i am no overclocker but i think that 13v will be the...
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    Motherboard for AMD 64 bit 3000+

    I am also buying a 3000+ venice core 939 pin and i will set it on MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum. why? read its reviews everywhere. along with Epox and DFi (which aren't available here) it is supposed to be the best overall mobo for the nforce4 chipset. costs round Rs.5300. i will advice against...
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    Would you like to see DFI in India with there Motherboard

    I am planning to buy a new comp and went searching high and low for the Lanparty Ultra D. except they told me that it i no longer available in here. Holy Corvus. thats the very best board out there. i don't know about others, but i want it. i want my DFI. i must have my DFI. even if i have to...
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    Which one is better MSI RS480M2-IL or Winfast NF4K8MC

    guys from what i have learnt from googling around, Winfast NF4K8MC is not the correct model name. Foxconn seems to make models like Winfast NF4K8MC-RC, Winfast NF4K8MC-ERS etc. which are micro ATX or other models with different features. Their site isn't much helpful either. i believe that...
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    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    hi guys. after reading the review about Winfast NF4K8MC motherboard i am pretty impressed and want to buy it. but the problem is that i don't think that Digit gave the correct contact and company info on the mobo. acording to digit, it is being distributed by mediatech but on mediatech's site...
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