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    Smokin Ultra Durable M/B

    isnt aliexpress banned in india?
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    Is BIOS update required

    updating to newer bioses come with the risk that an update may remove support for your existing cpu,to add support for a newer generation of processors. so dont update unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing.
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    Old PC not getting ON

    take it to a pc repair shop-they will be able to test it.
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    What was it like before Android/4G?

    before the advent of 4g,i was stuck with bsnl broadband with its paltry download speeds of upto 200 kbps(yes,even in this day and age their premium plans costing upto 1k per month offer such pathetic speeds)-and their connection broke down every few weeks/days and was a pain to get fixed.Bsnl's...
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    Service or New purchase ?

    its a pity that the quality of led/lcd panels seems to have degraded a lot in the recent years(especially the cheaper ones).....i have seen older 4:3 aspect ratio lcd monitors from around 2007/2008 working fine to this day-whereas new monitors seem to have a lifespan of only about 4-5 years at...
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    Old PC not getting ON

    most likely psu issue-check with alternate psu.
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    Difficulty in removing the front panel of Spec 01 cabinet

    being frustrated at not being able to remove the front panel even after repeated tries,i had to ditch it and get another case.I did watch several videos and made sure i was pulling it from the proper angle/position ie i grabbed it by the tab at the bottom part of the panel and tried to remove...
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    yeah they are both h61 but the gigabyte board is overpriced at 7.5k
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    i think h61 mobos from gigabyte are still available-you will just have to look for it in offline stores.
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    Antivirus Guide & User Reviews.

    You could try selling it off on olx/FB marketplace at a reduced price-i am sure many people will jump at the prospect of getting a 3 years license for a premium av product at a low price and grab it from you at the blink of an eye.
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    Antivirus Guide & User Reviews.

    if its working fine and there's no way to return it then you can keep using it.
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    Antivirus Guide & User Reviews.

    what do you need the total security for?Its usually the more feature laden security suite on offer and most of us rarely need such a vast array of features-its because of the added gimmicks that it costs more than a regular antivirus. You could have opted for a normal antivirus software...
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    Antivirus Guide & User Reviews.

    should have enquired about it before buying a paid license-for the same price you could have got a paid copy of KAV/Bitdefender etc. were you lured into getting a paid version of escan by some reseller/vendor?
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    router for 2000 sq feet house

    i recommended the foll router (Based on user reviews) to someone who lives in a 2 storied house: TP link AC1200 So far his experience has been satisfactory and the coverage that he's been getting is pretty good-the OP could check this one out.
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    Motherboard for AMD FX 4300

    the same mobo is still available in certain offline stores,you will just have to look even harder.
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