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    PC Games in 2009 and Best Of 2008 The Date is yet to be announced though. Will Add above , Thanks :)
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    PC Games in 2009 and Best Of 2008

    Hi Guyz Back here after a long time , wanted to share this here. Best Games Of 2008 Assassins Creed Brothers in Arms : Hells Highway BattleField BadCompany Call Of Duty : World At War [War , FPS] Crysis WarHead Crysis Wars Dead Space Fable 2 FarCry 2 [FPS] FEAR Perseus Mandate...
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    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1: The Return to the Mystique !!!

    The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 is one of the most exciting Windows Mobile phones since the Blackjack 2 and the (phantom) i-mate 9502. With a 800x480 pixel display, it is probably going to be the new reference in terms of productivity and entertainment. Users can control it the way they want: Touch...
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    TUTORIAL : Modded System Files Using Resource Hacker Contd...

    NiceTutorial there must say
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    How To Share PC's Internet via BT and Wifi on a SE P990i

    ================================================================================ Bluetooth Related ================================================================================ Trying to figure out how to share net from my PC to my P990i using IVT Bluesoleil. Tried these guide but all...
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    Which one to buy?? P990i or N 73

    I m a P990i user and must say that it rocks for sure. Pros - Large Screen 2.8 - Wifi 802.11b - Qwerty kbd - Touch screen - Stock player supports all the standard multimedia files [mp3 , aac , mp4 videos , 3gp ] which is gr8. - Symbian UIQ 3.0 - install loads of s/w's Cons - Hard to use this in...
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    All Soccer Games Discussion!

    Whats extra in UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 apart from playing football in fifa 2007. As both games are released by EA.
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    Pro Evolution Soccer 6 - Ultimate Patch Guide - Unlock Full Potential

    Hi Guys, Its been a really long long time since i visited Digit Forums. I have been enjoying FIFA 2007 until i came to know about PES's potential after applying the super patch , after that it was no stopping kept trying newer patches. Since its a bit confusing for a newbie on how to...
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    My Uber New 3D Desktop - This GUI Rock

    Thanks for ur appreciation guys. This is one of the best GUI's i have seen for a desktop. All the time i heard abt XGL AIGLX and MAC but now there is something which windows users are proud of. It doesnt mean that i hate Linux or Mac i have both Linux and Mac running on my Virtual Machine.
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    My Uber New 3D Desktop - This GUI Rock

    I was really amazed by the looks of it. "My Computer" Cube Helix Stadium Pyramid Mp3 ID3 Tags This Above mentioned GUI is Tactile 3D for windows Link:- Simlar Apps Sphere XP and 3DNA Link:-...
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    Overclock - 2925.9Ghz - AirCon Cooling

    Hey ir dude i am completely aware of what i am doing and this aint the first time , also the cooling used was house AC and the table fan was aiming the air on my open side panel. didnt you check my temps in the everest screenshot i posted.
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    Overclock - 2925.9Ghz - AirCon Cooling

    Hi Guys I am really busy these days with my college fest preps and my studies so am hardly getting ne time to post on forums. But wanted to share my overclock with you guys here. Max Settings HTT = 325 HTT Mul = 3 Vcore = 1.60 Ram Divider = 2:3 Ram speed = 2.5-4-4-8-1T...
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    Best Dvd Writer

    My vote too goes for Benq DW1640. Infact i will get my own today. Most of my frnds have it and they are all happy with its performance.
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    [Gorgeous Beauty]My MX518 just arrived + Pics

    @Maverick - The MX518 is made specially for gamers. And once us get u hands on it then only will u understand why its so awesome.
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    [Gorgeous Beauty]My MX518 just arrived + Pics

    This thing cost 2500 - 2700Rs Varies from place to place.
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