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    Swiftshader Combine

    Hey guys could any one suggest a way to combine 3D Analyzer and Swiftshader ?? Swiftshader is emulating shader model 3.0 very well, but it is giving very low FPS, so if by anyhow I could team up Swiftshader and 3D Analyzer, the game would run like a dream... So any ideas how to do it ??
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    English to tamil dictionary

    @rickson23 Have you given google translate a try ?? Though there are spelling mistakes, it does a pretty decent job !! I highly recommend "Google Translate", if you havent used it earlier. For android devices, you could check out this link, it has the Google Translate app for android devices...
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    Want to purchase Antivirus.. lowest cost

    @Alive_Hunter Why BUY security suites when you can get them for FREE ?? I personally use Avast + Malwarebytes + Comodo Firewall (ONLY Firewall, not the full suite). I'm using it for 5 years and never had any problems till date. My suggestion is not to go for paid security suites. And one...
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