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    Install KDE 3.3

    You better burn the iso image that is present on dvd, and use package or rpm manager in older KDE version of REH HAT 9 , or Mandrake.
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    You even don't need to make boot floppy. download XOSL, and you can manage booting
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    water cooling

    What is Water cooling. Can you explain?
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    Best Firewall

    Mac Afee's Fire wall as used by my friend. He says best
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    Windows Product Activation

    It is another security measure from Microsoft. There are in all 5 types of installations offered in Windows XP SP1. 1. Win XP Professional Retail. 2. Win XP Home Edition Retail. 3. Win XP Professional Corporate. 4. Win XP Home Edition Corporate. 5. Win XP Stand Alone. The 1st and 2nd...
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    making font

    Use Phontz. Best font maker i have used.
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    System Authority Problem in XP

    Why don't you just call toll free number of Microsoft
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    How data is stored on a dual layer DVD?

    What is way of management of data on the layers in a dual layer DVD? :?: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is the maximum DVD size available in market? :idea:
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    [By Demand] May 2005 DVD

    Digit By Demand for MAY Please give me EXPLORE FX and Trailer of ALIEN Vs PREDATOR
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