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    actually i also need 1 how did you got it?
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    There Is An App For That - Ask Us !

    any realtime app for 4g network coverage meter? Which shows network in various parts of the room precisely in real time?
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    Which RAM would be ideal for my laptop?

    try asking on hp forums and find guys having similar laptop.
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    Workstation / Gaming laptop

    same with my laptop no change after repasting and change.
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    Workstation / Gaming laptop

    yeah i have seen the video already It does run hot with games as seen in the video. Waiting for op to confirm this.
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    Official Windows 11 Thread

    I am yet to see what windows 11 uniquely has to offer.
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    The Github Thread

    not working for me
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    Workstation / Gaming laptop

    are you getting overheating issue with the cpu while gaming I can see in stress test its getting >100 C
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    Workstation / Gaming laptop

    @bloodlife how much price did you got laptop at?
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    Computer stuttering while gaming

    how do you lock frames?? I generally turn on vsync to lock frames for me.
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    Need laptop under 35k

    Hey guys one of my relative want to purchase a basic laptop for study purposes.Please suggest. @omega44-xt 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 30k maximum strechable to 35k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Any 3) What are the primary tasks you will be...
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    Fix laptop overheating problems with a little DIY spirit!

    I meant compressed air cans like this one
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    Fix laptop overheating problems with a little DIY spirit!

    How are you planning to use the kit?? I think a more vaccum cleaning kit will help more.
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    To switch from Mac Air. Need Suggestions

    For me i have good experience aftersales with the apple authorised store.One time i switched off my mac and then next day it didnt boot so went for the apple store and they took it and reassembled everything and that fixed it.I was charged 1.7k for just inspection Yeah it could've been much...
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