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    Historical events in Thinkdigit forum!!!

    Re: Historical events in Thinkdigit forum!!!11 you bet it was :))
  2. Oh_Look_I'm_Banned

    say hello to myself and get a free omlette

    say hello to myself and get a free omlette
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  5. Oh_Look_I'm_Banned

    Stars in all the posts

    Let me predi*t the f*t*re: Some mod or admin will *ome and say Hey, this is not the right pla*e to post. Post all yo*r q*eries in Whining/*omplaint thread. Then after yo*'ll post it there, the topi* will die down . On the topi* however, I am seeing two parti**lar alphabets being...
  6. Oh_Look_I'm_Banned

    The Whining/Complaint Thread

    I'm 100% with slugger (not surprising, is it?) lets boycott tha guy........gaurav_indian bhi chala gaya usi ke wajah se
  7. Oh_Look_I'm_Banned

    The Whining/Complaint Thread

    He is hiding under babbooon.....:cool: :mad: :mad:
  8. Oh_Look_I'm_Banned

    LED Light Bulbs to Take Over?

    Yeah, LED will be much better....
  9. Oh_Look_I'm_Banned

    The Whining/Complaint Thread

    cowardly action from their side
  10. Oh_Look_I'm_Banned

    The Whining/Complaint Thread

    even though his Last Activity: Today 07:45 PM , he don't even bother to reply here. Oh...I forgot, he doesn't need to justify his Godly action...
  11. Oh_Look_I'm_Banned

    Is your son a computer hacker?

    The whole article was supposed to be funny na....?
  12. Oh_Look_I'm_Banned

    The Whining/Complaint Thread

    It never was cause I never cared......But monopoly??? I hate it..... Yea true :)) Bu drgrudge's mercy, the ban was supposed to be for two days. The two days are over, i guess....
  13. Oh_Look_I'm_Banned

    The Whining/Complaint Thread

    You should be well aware of the fact that the admins here are very less responsive for a topic in public domain....and not responsive if you contact them directly. :)
  14. Oh_Look_I'm_Banned

    The Whining/Complaint Thread

    Really??Thats bad... I'm so sorry.............:( :( Tell him to come back and post his feeling w.r.t drgrudge in this forum....that will be nice..... gaurav_indian will be missed if he doesn't come back.....Usko aane ke liye bol.... And are you sure that drgrudge deleted his last post...
  15. Oh_Look_I'm_Banned

    The official IPL Thread

    gaurav_indian was not wrong, was he.....Someone else was....Jaipur at last...ha ha
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