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    sony xperia u or sony ericsson xperia ray?

    No secondary camera in Xperia Sola. Flawed already mentioned above about the secondary camera (see above comments). Also its battery performance is not so good in comparison with U and Less PPI in Sola than U. Sorry for confusing you friend.Sola is good if it has above 2 things in that price...
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    Suggest me An Android phone within 17k

    I don't want a phone greater in size than 4.5'.I can't handle a phone properly above that size.Is there any upcoming phones for which i can wait ?? Also is G600 from Huawei Any Good?? Also ,I want Android phone not windows.
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    sony xperia u or sony ericsson xperia ray?

    I haven't said that Sola is better than U ,U is the Best in its category.Sola ,J,GO,MIRO are all crap products from SONY.Xperia U is very good and if someone can carry OTG cable with him ,he should go with XPERIA U EYES CLOSED.
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    sony xperia u or sony ericsson xperia ray?

    Xperia U is good with dual core processor and Mali 400 GPU with awesome UI.Only negative is the lack of sd Card Support.though you can connect pen drive to it through OTG cable which costs 400 rs i guess.Sola and J are of no use.I also want to buy a mobile and that's why i will not suggest you...
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    Suggest me An Android phone within 17k

    Thanks for all the replies guys.I have seen optimus L9 and i like it but i can't afford it :( .I can go upto 17k max (i have added all my savings in order to reach that amount).So please suggest me a phone within budget and screen size.Should i go with Samsung S Duos then??
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    Suggest me An Android phone within 17k

    Hello friends,i want to buy a new android phone for me.I bought a htc explorer 6 months ago because of the budget problem.Now i am getting a chance to buy a new android phone within 17k.Here is what i need in the cellphone:- 1. Budget? under 17k 2. Display size? 3.7-4.5' (i do not want...
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    New Cabinet!!!

    Elite 430 is good ,it provides you decent cooling and it is also cool in design unlike source elite 210.The only negative of 430 is there is no cable management.You can go for CM K380 as suggested by @INcinerator but it can support only upto 4 fans(120mm) whereas elite 430 can have 6 fans inside...
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    suggest me a Good Keboard(wired) with wrist rest support??

    Hi Guys, i am in need of a good keyboard with wrist rest support.I need the keyboard very urgently.So please suggest me as soon as possible.It is also okk if it is not a gaming keyboard. My budget is within 3k.I am waiting for replies. Regards,
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    suggest me a good 500gb ext hdd

    Hi Guys, i want to buy a 500 gb external hdd for my pc.Please suggest me which one is the best to buy(VFM). Waiting for replies.
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    Buying Advice For Best Music Quality

    Live With walkman is the best in sound quality in its range.But now Sony ericsson turned Sony and you will have to suffer if LWW got any defect(in any part) because the parts availability is less for SE mobiles now and you have to wait for atleast 2 months to get you mobile back on track once...
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    Help required in buying a 16gb microsd card for Xperia Sola

    Hi friends, My cousin has bought Sony xperia sola mobile on his birthday last week and now he wants a 16gb microsd card for his mobile.I wonder why he wants a card as sola has interanal memory of 8gb.but he says his music and video collection is very large and he wants to do video...
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    Old school cartoons.

    SWAT CATS ,THE MASK ,DEXTER's LAB ,JOHNY BRAVO all are awesome :) .
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    Bike with good mileage for daily use

    +1 to ss125
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    Suggest me a Bike within 55k

    Bro that one is also my father's choice :(
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    Suggest me a Bike within 55k

    Hii bro,nice to see a reply after a long time.I have changed the battery for the third time and the problem still persist.The mechanic from HONDA even comes 2 times at my home after my complaint but still there is no improvement. Yup you may be right about the "manual".But my YAMAHA GLADIATOR...
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