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    Dota 2

    Dota 2 party starting at 6.15 see you guys there. Come quick
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    When to drink water

    water is not only stored in the stomach :rolleyes: the basic reason is drinking water dilutes digestive juices.
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    Gaming PC for 30k

    i dont mean the term in that way.. what i mean to say is you need a push pull mechanism and add one intake and 1 exhaust. If you have a powerful gpu add a side fan. Thats it. top slots should only be used when you are filling up the cabinet with fans so as to provide proper intake and exhaust...
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    Gaming PC for 30k

    you want to create a positive pressure to push air into the case. 1 case fan at the top and 1 top in the mid / bottom slot. You can also install a side intake fan if you want. dont have more than 4 fans in the case.
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    Dota 2

    guys we need a tdf dota LOBie :bananana: i mean we need to play in lobbie. i mean i need to play dota in lobbie i mean i need to play dota :| system overload required / dota 2 play/missing files / execute new pc/ new pc/ 1 week / screw this **** pa. power treads bfury morbid mask...
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    need a gaming keyboard and a mouse in 3500 rupees

    get tvs gold-e. much better than all low budget keyboards. Fully mechanical. doesnt have bling, but perfomance wise its really good. tvs gold -e @ 1.7k mouse : g400 + some cheap mousemat like digiflip.
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    Health and Fitness Thread V1: 100% Adrenaline

    try not to make eye contact with a dog, or run near him. IF a dog barks at you, stay still till he eases slowly and then move 1 step at a time.
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    The Last Of Us

    tlou = speechless.
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    Upgrading PC in 17k budget.

    no point suggesting intel. All pro-amd here. i hope i dont get an infraction for this. :|
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    How to become fat?

    eat sugar :rolleyes:
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    What did you eat today?

    bfast : double egg cheese onion omlette + 4 toast with butter + 1 large cold coffee 2 x orion choco pie lunch : 2 rotis, nutri nuggets + 1 glass lassi 2 x 200ml tetra pack grape and apple (real power) dinner : chicken salami pizza x1 , chicken sausage pizza x 1 (homemade) , 1 big bowl ice...
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    Buying games is a waste of money,Why should we buy when we can download for free from the internet?

    Re: Buying games is a waste of money,Why should we buy when we can download for free from the intern this isnt even a valid point, stupid to bring this up. network usage has nothing to do with your latency unless you have a 128kbit line. isps maintain a 80-85% traffic ratio on their lines and...
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    New Machine for Graphic/web/Vedio/motion Graphics designing and rare gaming

    +1 config, you can get the fx 8350 and a cheaper motherboard. Upgrade to the new am3+ socket cpu and mobo in 2015.
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    Upgrading PC in 17k budget.

    a better option will be to go for apu and later add a dedicated gpu.
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    haswell or ivy?

    getting a new pc... i5 4430 + gtx 650ti boost oc or i5 3450 + hd 7870 xt ? confused. Still cant make up mind. Suggestions please. :) im getting i5 4430 @ 12k gigabyte b85m d3h @ 5.7k msi gtx 650ti boost 2gb @ 12.7k i5 3450 @ 10.5 gigabyte b75m d3h @ 4.3k hd 7870 sapphire...
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