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    [By Demand] - Digit March 2007

    pls pls include open suse in next month.
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    problem in win xp

    in boot loader it is showing two options win xp and win xp setup by default it selects win xp setup pls help me to get rid of this by i want to log in win xp by default
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    computer with tv

    can any one tell me how to connect my computer to TV set.
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    [By Demand] - Digit February 2007

    include fedora core 6, ubuntu 6.10 and freespire in dvd next month and yes pls include cd image bcoz many may not be having DVD burner. __________ earlier also u had provided fedora core 3 and 4 then why not 6 and why dont u think of giving a DVD loaded with linux distros. give other stuffs...
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    [By Demand] - Digit February 2007

    pls include fedora core 6 or freespire. if possible pls include a DVD loaded with best linux distros like fedora core 6, ubuntu 6.10, mandriva and freespire.
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    [By Demand] - Digit January 2007

    u included linux review in september but u r not giving its OS pls include ubuntu 6.10 and fedora core 6 in janurary or february. if possible include all famous linux distro in DVD in feb.
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    [By Demand] - Digit January 2007

    pls include open soure linux distro. pls include fedora core latest or ubuntu latest
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    how to connect pc to tv

    i want to connect my pc to my tv, i have onida tv, pls tell me how can i do it and how much will it cost me , i do not want to spend too much amount.
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    [By Demand] - Digit January 2007

    i had installed ubuntu which u included in april 2006 DVD which i liked very much. i request u to include latest version of ubuntu as i can not download due to low speed, hope u will hear my request.
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    [Preview + Feedback] - December 2006 Special Issue

    this issue was not as aspected. I am not much satisfied by the contents of the CD and DVD. U have concentrated on looks and not the contents. __________ Its not good that u discontinued patron program, u should have atleast told a month earlier or u shoul give more time to redeem our points. It...
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    os in linux

    i want to install linux , but i dont know which is the os in the linux i have heard about red hat , ubuntu, fedora core, gnome, etc but i dont know which is os and which is better. pls help me and from which site i can get it.
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    how to configure thunderbird and yahoopops

    i want to use thunderbird with yahoopops for downloading my mails please help me to configure thunderbird for yahoopops thankyou :lol: :roll: :D
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    from where to get yahoopops

    hi i have problem using mail clients i want yahoo pops for yahoo help me out :D
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    hi friends Is there any way to increase the size of picture in photoshop without any damage to its resolution. 8) :lol: :P :? :D :D [/b]
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    creating autorun file

    :D Dear friends, I want to know how to create an auto run file for cd, if you know please tell me. :lol:
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