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    hw 2 share net between lap & pc

    but i m able to do it shantanu. yes MetalheadGautham u can do it as i m doing frm usb cable. u just hav to install the usb cable driver. thnks shantanu n ravi...i got it.
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    hw 2 share net between lap & pc

    yup bro i hav ethernet in ma pc n lappy. but i wanted to knw, whether can i connect using bluetooth, if yes thn hw?
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    hw 2 share net between lap & pc

    thnks for replying shantanu...can u plz guide me step by step frm begining...i.e hw to do?
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    Pc Is Turtoise

    formatting is nt the sol...many prob cause pc to slow down. virus, unnecessary services, reg etccc. so do all the xp tweaks thn run reg cleaner, virus scanner, n also increase ur page file. defrag ur hdd.
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    hw 2 share net between lap & pc

    thnks abhijit i tried but not able to connect. shailesh purchasing is ma 2nd option...if i cant connect thn wil go for it.
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    hw 2 share net between lap & pc

    rohan ma isp allows sharing of net connection. abhijit..i enabled net sharing bt dont knw hw to establish guide me.
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    hw 2 share net between lap & pc

    i hav bluetooth dongle & net connection in ma pc. nw i want to acess net in also has bluetooth. i heard i can acess net on laptop..if pc n lap has bluetooth devices. is it possible, if yes thn plz guide me.
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    === Full GPRS on Reliance Smart AND Aircel:===

    now smart provides gprs if u recharge with gprs voucher. but u hav to do monthly recharge.
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    Double clicking on disk drives open cmd prompt

    use kaspersky.
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    Auto log on freaking me out...

    install kaspersky & tuneup utilities. thn scan ur comp n remove all unwanted thngs.
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    shut down is very slow

    u can also try open regedit thn navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop thn set WaitToKillAppTimeout to 200.
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    November 2007 - Opinion Poll

    yup security cameras r good but not they can access nybody email & other accs.
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    is my move correct?

    Use Comodo Free Firewall.
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    ZINK-Zero Ink Printing!

    nice info n nice printer..
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    my documents gone

    hey hey it came back...thnks all of u..but i restarted my system 2 times it was not showing...but now its showing dnt knw hw??... thnks to all of u
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