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    How much can I sell my old stuff for?

    How much can I get for the following ?? 1. AMD Phenom II X4 920 2.8 Ghz 2. Zebronics N68 3. Corsair XMS2 (2 * 2GB) 800Mhz
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    [Want to Buy] DDR3 Memory 4GB or more

    Looking to buy a used ddr3 ram.. Please share ur offers. Looking for a quick deal.
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    [Want to Buy] AM3 Processor

    Guys...I am looking to buy AMD AM3(not AM3+) processor for my old motherboard Zebronics N68 preferably Phenom II X4. Kindly share ur offers.
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    Suggestion required for the upgrade

    Hi guys...Just in the process to upgrade my existing system...Please suggest if the config is good. I do not need it for gaming. Seldom do i play any game...Most of my work is related to web surfing, watching movies, office applications, etc....My budget is around 15K-20K. Rates as per Rk...
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    S2440L Weird Blinking Problem

    Hi guys, 2 weeks back i got myself s2440l dell monitor. I am having some weird issues with this monitor. Whenever i switch on my light or modulate my ceiling fan speed, the screen goes dark for 2 sec and reappears. This don't happen with all switches. Just some of them. Does...
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    Speakers for PC within Rs. 5000

    More confused now
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    Speakers for PC within Rs. 5000

    1 vote for SRS D9 vs 1 vote for Creative Inspire. Can neone tell me the pros and cons of these two speakers.
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    Speakers for PC within Rs. 5000

    Guys, Please suggest as to which speakers to buy for my room. Size 10 * 12. I will be mainly using it for watching movies. Want Home Theater like feeling in my room. Some of the models i researched are: 1.) Sony SRS D9 - Rs. 4699 2.) Creative T6160 3.) F&D F3000U 4.) Edifier X600 Also. u...
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    Router suggestion_less than Rs. 2000

    guys, really confused as to which router to buy.. I am staying in a 2BHk flat.. Currently, i have Belkin Basic Router. But its range is pathetic. It is kept in one corner of the living room which is L Shaped . I cannot get the range even if i move in the middle room. So guys please suggest...
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    Suggest Case Fans

    Is it available in lamington ? Coz its not available online at this price.
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    Suggest Case Fans

    Hi.. Just got my Gamma cabinet. Now in the process of deciding on optimal airflow management for which i need case fans. PLease suggest some good case fans which will improve the airflow. 1 Bottom Front - Inflow ( Non Led But Higher CFM), 1 Top Rear - Outflow (Led)& 1 Side Fan ( Led).. So...
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Got the following items: Flipkart: Hyper Evo - 2341 AMD 8320 - 9900 R K Infosys - Antec VP450p - 2650 Gkill Rip jaws - 2750
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    Hardware price list/spec sheet

    That's the price I got from flipkart and other websites. I wanted to know lamington prices.
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    Hardware price list/spec sheet

    Dies neone know the latest prices of the following components at lamington road. Don't want the rates from flipkart or any other online sites. I have already there rates. Want to know the on road shop prices at lamington. Monitor S2240L CPU AMD 8320 Motherboard Asus M5A97 Evo R2...
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    Need help in deciding my RIG

    Settled on this system: Since i wont be overclocking, only question remains is should i go for Asus M5A97 Evo R2 or Asus M5A97 R2. Monitor S2240L CPU AMD 8320 Motherboard Asus M5A97 Evo R2 RAM Gkill - 1 x 4GB (12800) HDD WD Blue 500 GB Cabinet Gamma SMPS Antec VP450P Mice Lenovo M6811 Keyboard...
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