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    Gamepad on XP

    No, It wasn't detected during h/w detection stage of XP during startup. not even when i used "add hardware". game port is not onboard, but resides on cmi8738 pci sound card. actually, gamepad was working very well on winXP 3 months back, before I installed some new hardwares like a modem and a...
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    Gamepad on XP

    hi all, recently i got into problem with my gamepad(running on game port). It is working excellently on win98se, but win XP is not recognising it. some times back there was no problem even on xp. now i have installed winxp afresh ,but still facing the same problem. i have cmi8738 pci...
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    want to know about freelancer jobs

    Hi, I want to know some details about IT jobs as a freelancer. can anyone suggest some websites ,where can i find useful information. How much safe this area is to deal in ? by the way, i am jobless at the moment .
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