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  • Can't tell, may be you just pay token amount of say 2-3k for booking(I paid 3k for the mobo).
    Don't worry about it, you're a doctor, these things come up, tomorrow 11:30, vedant?
    I just had a talk with my dad and there is no way in the world he would let me take such a huge amount of money with me all by myself due to obvious reasons. So I am afraid I can't come in the morning. Already informed tkin and he is cool with it.
    Hey can you please come in the evening tomorrow? We initially planned to go in the evening but now tkin is saying you want to come in the morning. I can't come in the morning. Please let us know if you can change your timing.
    Yes, coming down on june 1st, i'll let you know the time tomorrow but it should be at late noon, and i will pay you for the tuniq then, you can then import it.
    I know what power factor is man. Just asking if the power factor meter gives the power factor reading from the wall ac unlike the multimeter which only gives current and voltage reading. I haven't heard of a power factor meter before, that's why I was asking.
    That meco meter has max current 10A, so just as I said, no ac, freeze etc that has a large start up current draw, pumps etc, you can use it for pc, tv or any other equipment that do not use a jump starter.
    Well, I can jury rig a device like that with a good multimeter that supports ac current detection(around 700/-), some wires and maybe a veroboard, but it will be limited to pc and other low load equipments, an ac or freeze has a start up jolt that can damage the multimeter, I'll look into the specs of the power meter after the exam, lets go to gemini on 1st june and see what I can cook up.
    Is that power factor meter any different from those multimeters? I want buy one of these too so that I can know for sure how much VA rating I need on my UPS.
    No idea, may be, may be not, I never thought about this, need to research about this, let me see what I can cook up after the exam.
    Yes, you'll get the va rating, not the actual consumption.

    Gemini radio is in lenin sarani, the lane in which vedant and sabir hotel is in, ask anyone there.

    For multimeter my college uses some really good ones, will have to check those out. Just get one that can measure ac current(A~).
    Meh, just gave rocking exam today, I have all the subject covered already(Average grade still over 8 pts continuing).
    I have seen it, the glaring issue remains is with the warranty, I have mailed them, lets see if they reply. If you don't get warranty for it here then you need to send it to taiwan.
    OMG, I missed it totally. Just found it when searching for adhesive tapes.
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