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    Poor Jokes Thread

    ^ :eek:;):)
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    ram fully not used

    Is your OS is 64 bit? I doubt that.Try Windows update
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    Official: Nokia Android phones are coming very soon.

    last nail in the coffin of No-kia
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Just ordered Edifier C2. Now waiting for shipment :-)
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    If you can't beat them, buy them; Facebook acquires whatsapp for $19 Billion

    I loved the whatsapp simplicity and hated the Facebook privacy issues. Dont know what will happen after this. Hopefully it will be worst :-D
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    .JPG to TIFF Converter

    Who told you quality will loss? you will only waste hdd space after converting to tiff as jpg is lossy. Format only matter only at source.
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    .JPG to TIFF Converter

    What are you planning to do with TIFF?
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    Please suggest 2.1 speakers at around 2k

    Gollum you are very funny creature :))
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    Usb hub not recognized on tv

    hub are not supported on TVs.
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    ►►►► Nexus 7 (2012) vs Dell Venue 7 (2014) [Price: Rs.11k]

    inbuilt 3G? I read review on dell site and someone said it doesn't come with sim slot. Need to check sim support.
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    Why Android smartphones consume more data - Times of India trolling

    ah.. Times of india, I forgot its s news paper...its only purpose in india is to create confusion in the mind of its readers on behalf of vested interest of individuals and US. Its a nice trash paper
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    Is Nexus 7(2012) still worth buying??

    I mean what is the manufacturing date on the box of nexus?
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    Is Nexus 7(2012) still worth buying??

    Guys what's the manufacturing date of 16GB model?
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