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    Droid Razr from green dust ?

    I was increasing my budget from moto E. Increasing to make it double is kinda hard. Anyway, another good thing about droid razr is that it has a micro hdmi port.
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    Droid Razr from green dust ?

    Is droid razr xt912 a good buy ? It is available in greendust for around 10K link: MOTOROLA - Buy Online @ GreenDust India
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    Asus RT-N13U B1 or TP-Link TL-MR3420 ?

    Partially true, then also in
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    Asus RT-N13U B1 or TP-Link TL-MR3420 ?

    I have BSNL BB at home for the desktop. Now I want to use the internet in my tab, phone and laptop. So, I was thinking of buying one wifi router. But now confused between Asus RT-N13U B1 and TP-Link TL-MR3420. The reason for chosing these mainly is that I also have one beetel mf190 usb modem...
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    Have you people tried playing bleed ? The trailer was mind blowing. Bleed has been released!!
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    Cannot setup USB Modem in Linux. Help!!

    if you see the modem in the network manager, just click it and a window to configure the connection will come.
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    Flipkart increases the minimum order amount for free shipping to Rs. 500

    For book people should try Compare book prices in India. Buy books online from Indian bookstores |
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    huawei u5510 - decision

    Can't help the budget is too tight So, got one from infibeam at 3.2K
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    huawei u5510 - decision

    Problem is cod is not available where I stay.
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    huawei u5510 - decision

    From the Mobile Buying Guide: November 2012 I found this mobile - huawei u5510. Got a great review on techenclave. I saw it was available on flipkart. But the next day when I went to place the order it went out of stock in flipkart. :-( I was preferring flipkart, but what to be done...
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    Big O notation

    Can you please explain what is meant by an algorithm to not have Big-O or Big-Theta? preferably with example.
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    Big O notation

    First of all Big-O and Big-theta and Big-omega are just notations. If I dont go into the mathematical details they are just used to denote upper bound, tight bound and lower bound. This is not clear. AFAIK upper bound of running time is denoted by the Big-O notation. If you say an...
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    once again i struck with pointers

    In this you are declaring k as array of size 5 of pointer to long int. So, each element of k is pointer to long int. That's exactly what you are getting. side tip: If you are doubtful about data types you may try this site. cdecl
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    Best Tablet Computer with calling Facility Under Rs 10000...

    You may try NXG XTAB A10 3G or 2G model.
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